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My story begins in mid-December, or at least that is when I begun to experience primarily visual phenomena that I have yet to be able to explain. Initially, I started to see movement "out of the corner of my eye", which I recognize as normal to a certain degree, but with each passing day, whatever I was seeing become increasingly clear as well as frequent. To this day, when I lie in bed (which is positioned parallel to the bedroom door), I constantly see moving "objects" or "energies" passing fairly rapidly by the room's entrance. As the days went by, I began to see these visions even when I turned towards them, although they still remain rather unclear and fast-moving. One time, I saw something that I perceived to be incredibly white rushing by by open bedroom door, and very low to the ground. As I turned towards it, I could see a white "ball" followed by a kind of light trail (it appeared almost as a moving beam of light). I immediately felt as if this light was actually an animal, specifically a cat, although it did not physically resemble one.

It is not only moving white light that I see travelling by my door, but also dark shadows. I also now see them in front of me, usually on the surface of walls, but also in the space between myself and other objects. When they appear in front of me, they are typically not very clear, and are perhaps best described as moving translucent bars/beams of brightly coloured, white, or black light. I have also noticed that an extremely bright white light sometimes appears around people or objects in my vicinity. I had experienced something like this one year prior, when I noticed a woman sitting in front of me was suddenly surrounding by this bright light. The light is always tightly pressed around the person/object and will sometimes fade in and out, but remains very bright.

In addition to these forms of light, I have witnessed bright and very tiny pinholes of light that are more stationary. They appear as if someone is shining an extremely high powered light through a hole the size of a firefly. Most recently, this pinprick of light has appeared between myself and a book that I was holding in my lap. These lights appear for a brief period of time, although they seem very solid in comparison to the translucent moving lights/shadows previously described.

I should also mention that I consider myself to be highly empathic. I have always been able to instantly sense the "good or bad" in people, (for lack of a better way of putting it), and I am highly attune/sensitive to other people's emotions.

I spend the majority of my time in my apartment, and although I sometimes feel peaceful, over the past several week, I find myself often feeling anxious, watched, and fearful, as though I am in a place I shouldn't be. Today I smudged myself and my apartment in an attempt to clear away negative energies, however, towards the end of the cleansing I began to shiver, (not from being cold), and now feel as though it hasn't worked. I'm confused and worried about how to interpret my experiences and am hoping that someone can shed some light on whether they sound like psychic/spiritual/paranormal phenomena or something outside of that realm.

Thank you in advance!

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Winter_Solace (109 posts)
8 years ago (2015-02-06)
I would say that you are becoming more and more spiritually aware. It sounds like you are seeing orbs as well: a unique trait/power. I have this same ability. However I am not as advanced yet to see things so physically like you and some of my friends do. The white light that you see is actually the holy spirit. I believe that it could be that the white ball of light you are seeing is either an angel or a being of light. And, obviously, the dark shadows are dark/evil spirits, otherwise known as demons. Do you see the dark shadows more often now? I am sure they are aware that you are awakening more spiritually. And they will see you as a threat if you are on God's side. So you may start having nightmares from them or sleep paralysis. Just to warn you. The feelings of fear and being watched are caused by the demons around you, who now have more interest in you due to your recent development. And I don't think mere smudging and layman's tools will work for someone as spiritually connected as you. You can use a technique I often use, by cleansing the entire room with white light (holy energy) and shielding it after. It works for me about 85% of the time. There are some who will still lurk and can tolerate the light though. Or if that is too much for you, you can even pray to your guardian angel for help/protection, or to Our Father.

I'm going to ask you this: Do you feel like you're meant for something big in the future?

Also, being empathic really just means you're a deeply caring person on the inside. When you have any questions in mind, feel free to ask me.

Talk to you soon.

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