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Brought By Desire


I will begin my story when I was laying in bed listening to music one night. An image of a narrow hallway and the smell of spice filled my vision and nose. I made the guess that it came from a relative who was staying in mexico at the time. I understand how big of a leap that is, but I had experienced similar psychic phenomena for 10 years already when this happened. So I took a chance for the first time ever and asked this relative if this experience was something familiar to them. It was. They were staying in a hotel with narrow hallways, lit by 2 lights at the bottom, and had a very spicy scent in the air. I told this person to not tell anyone, but they did.

My family is very religious and when they think of the paranormal they think of those TV shows where stuff fly's off the wall. I have never seen that, or experienced anything "evil" in the 10 years I have been experiencing things, but nothing would ever convince them cause they are total fanatics. They are still family and we are nice to each other, but now it's a little awkward in a sense.

I had never experienced visions before this, it just started and I don't know why. Basically, I have had times where the person thinks about me and my "other self" appears behind them or I am seeing what their eyes see. It only lasts for about 1-3 seconds and is easier to see if my eyes are closed. Mediums get visions from spirits, but my visions have only ever come from people.

There is more to my abilities, but I am nervous about typing it, just in case my family ever reads this. They are very spiteful about this sort of thing and I wish I had another psychic friend to talk to. Well, not all of them are that bad, but I still don't talk to any of them about it. In short, I am very susceptible to other people's energies and intentions so I am secretive.

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