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My Dreams Brought Me Answers


I'd been having personal problems with my marriage for several months. I'd been up nights on end... paranoia sometimes snuck in... I needed help... to my surprise my prayers were answered. As I write my eyes fill with tears. Tears of faith and fear of that there is an unknown force or I have an angel watching over me.

When I slept, sometimes I'd awake or it would seem like I was awake. I wouldn't move a muscle. I just listen. I could hear voices that seemed coming from down the stairs. The voices got louder. I thought, the TV is on and my husbands finally home from work. Glancing at the clock I noticed it was 3am. It probably was him, he was supposed to be home by 1am. I cautiously walked down the stairs. Fear struck when no tv was on, no lights. It was in the dead of winter so windows were not open and it couldn't of been the neighbors house.

I called him... no answer. Where was he? I did some detective work on the "was he at work scenario?" and to my disappointment he was not at work... 30min later I was waiting up when he'd walked through the door.

If it wasn't for the voices or maybe I was dreaming the voices, I would not have caught him that night.

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Gypsy (guest)
15 years ago (2008-02-12)
It's very interesting the mind and what it is capable of. I had a similar experience. I don't actually recall the dream but I looked up the meaning and it said betrayal. I long suspected that my now x husband was unfaithful. So that morning I did something I had never done before, I checked his phone for messages. There was a voicemail a woman asking him to call her on his way to work. I found out the he was having an affair with her. My marriage had many difficulties it was a confirmation for me that my instincts had been correct all along. I hope that you kicked his arse to the curb like I did mine.
Katie (guest)
15 years ago (2007-09-22)
Hiya I hear voices in my house even in my mind you don't always see something maybe you can't see it but its there al right cause you can hear it. Sometimes you can see them though.
jg (guest)
15 years ago (2007-08-13)
I also had a dream... Mine a bit different. I've been very ill this past year - so sick at one time the docs even told me I had 3 weeks to 3 years to live. I'm past that and doing well. I suffered a big financial loss and lost my house and car and just material things. Well, I've been desperate for answers... And I prayed real hard one evening so hard it hurt my brain. I asked god where to go from here, what do I do next. I had a very vivid dream that I was in California... Temecula, CA... Looking at a house. It was green everywhere and the feeling I had was great. It felt so good to be alive. I looked over my right shoulder to see these hills and a body of water and thought how beautiful it was. I woke up and thought... Is there a Temecula in California? I live in Arizona... I didn't know... So I went to the computer and typed in Temecula and there it was! I looked at photos and saw one photos that looked just like the image when I looked over my right shoulder... The only difference was the pictures were showing hot air balloons. I'm trying to figure this out... Do I go and visit or am I supposed to move there. My husband did apply for a CA. License out there... We just didn't know where we would go if we went out there. Hmmmmm :)
Kristina (guest)
15 years ago (2007-08-08)
name is Kristina,
I’m writing to ask if you could help finding a young four years old British girl Madeleine McCann. She was kidnapped a hundred days ago in Portugal and since then her family and all the people around the world are desperate to bring the little one home safe and sound.
I’m writing to you with a cry of help, if you could possible help police or family, please contact any of these phones
A lot of people are doing everything they can to find her so I though I should try and do my best I helping, because I believe the girl is still a live.

Please, help us find the little angel and bring her home to her family. Or if you do know any people who have a gift like yours and could help in finding Madeleine, please contact her parents or police or any people you could trust. Any kind of help will bring us closer to finding the girl.

If any of those who have read this message think they could help, please go ahead and try... It would mean a world. Thank you

Thank you so much.


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