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Possible Natural Born Medium And Psychic? Looking For Answers


Basically to start off a few weeks ago I was with my mother at a local herb shop my mother knew the owner to an extent but nothing personal. Well it was my first time meeting him and we chatted I felt as though he already knew me but what got me was what he said about me, remind you it was my first time seeing or meeting this man. He stared and said, "you see things before they happen don't you?" I looked at him puzzle at the fact of the random statement, but he continues and he mentions déjà vu. It clicks and I agree with his statement because it's true déjà vu events would happen all the time, mostly small things like being with friends and such. He goes on and mentions how I can see things in the water, and he explains. He said if I was to look into the water and see events and whatnot, that is something I have not tried but would like to look into maybe one day. Then he also mention lastly that I'm a median, remind you again I have never met this man before. He says I'm very powerful and that I should always try to keep my thoughts positive. My mother questioned him on smudging which he said would be stronger if I was to smudge the house with her. He told me so much, but to look into my gift a little at a time to not freak myself out but I'm not sure where to start. But the things he have said made perfect sense to me basically.

Another thing while talking to him, he was very easy to talk to, I mentioned when I did track in high school and we talked about track and what not but I told him about one specific track meet during the summer that was out-of-state and how I didn't even get to run because my coach didn't sign me up to run but he said there was a purpose to me being there that there is a purpose to why I am where I am (if that make senses) but what I didn't tell him was on my way to the track meet out-of-state I received the news of my best friend passing away. Which is why his statement to there being a reason for me at the track meet really got my attention because I felt horrible being there and not being there when my best friend was in the hospital.

As well, he said my gift came from mother when he mentioned that all she did was smile and a slight chuckle. When we arrived home I asked my mother what exactly did he meant especially the part of being a median then she explains to me when I was a child and some of my experiences.

Once she said I was probably around 4 or 6 and we were driving pass a church, my aunt's husband at the time had cancer and was dying. She said as we drove pass the church I saw his funeral a week before it had happen and said "mommy look uncle going to buried at that church do you see the people mommy outside the church?" my mother said she also saw the same thing once I had mention it, she said I knew what church he was going to buried at, the family at the time was debating on which church he should be buried at and my mom and I already knew which one.

Another story she told me was when I was about 2 years old at our old house she heard me talking in the living room or den and she walked into the room to see who I was talking to but she said I was just standing in front of the chair having a basically full blown conversation but my mother didn't see anyone, and that sort of had creep her out I guess.

Sorry for making this so long, but I just don't know where to start and everything he said pretty much sums it up but I never really had put much focus or notice into it until now. I have deja vu experiences a lot, and sometimes I know something bad is going to happen to someone, I don't know who sometimes, and it does. I don't know where exactly to start looking to research on myself.

And oh another thing he mention my spirit is very into this kind of stuff, I kind of got a understanding what he meant because I have always been into the physic television shows, especially those shows involving paranormal activities and such. I don't know why I was into those shows but I just always was.

Can anybody give me a little guide way as to where to research first?

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DawnS (2 posts)
12 years ago (2012-10-29)

My view on psychic ability is that it follows a similar pattern to human intelligence and creativity. Some people have a lot and others the standard amount which is more like a good gut hunch. Some psychics also have a very specific gift such as hearing the voices of spirits and nothng else, while other psychis may have a much broader range of two or three abilites. This may be much like someone who is amazing at geometry but cannot do algebra while other people get As in everything.

First of all, I would always suggest that young people be very careful when members of the opposite sex start offering unsolicited advice. A person with similar or compatable personalities will often make a person feel like she has know him forever. Maybe you have or maybe not. He may also believe he is helping you in some way. If he is a well respected psychic then he might be correct about what he is seeing. Some psychics are the most wonderful of people, but others will say anything to create more business or add people into their groupies. A nice friend and mentor is a wonderful thing. Just beware if he is wanting you to do things for him other than read his fortune.
I would suggest that you read a book called Heaven and Earth by James Van Praagh. I believe he is quite well known and reputable. Being a psychic with the abilities to create a career as a psychic is rare, but always a possibility. I would have to say that you may want to consider if you have a consistent enough skill to be what this shopkeeper is discribing.
Also please understand that keeping yourself centered in some form of meditation or journaling and being involved in a religion and group of wonderful family/friends will keep you from being used in your life whether you are a psychic or not.

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