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My name is Rain and I'm a psychic, full and true, the first time I wrote here it was about how I didn't know how to control my gifts, but with some help from others like me, I have developed a very wide variety of abilities, like reading minds, telekinesis, and not too long ago, I discovered I'm a little clairvoyant too. As it's said in one of my favorite comics, "with great power comes greater responsibility" - Ben Parker. To have these abillities I have developed a very strong will, thanks to the understanding that wherever these gifts come from, it's way bigger then me, so I stand by my arms and never lay a hand on any one.

In my group sessions, they try to learn mental tapping, which is kind of like imposing your will on someone with out them every knowing. But I think that could come in handy if I were in a situation that calls for no other choice. These people are far more advanced then me, one of them named "Mike" can almost lift his VW hatchback bug off the ground which requires a lot of concentration and practice. I guess it's harder for me because I have mild ADD but I can deal with that.

The most important reason, above all the reasons, I'm writing today is to warn you, since I have been with this group, I have learned many interesting things about the world of psychics and one is the dangers. There are people in this world who chose to use their gifts for crime, which I didn't know until he showed me news reports and filled in the blanks for me how the robber vanished in thin air or how cashier willingly gives the cash to the guy without him speaking a word the whole time.

It became quite clear that there was kind of like star wars theme to how the two sides worked. I will have to leave you hanging for now my friends and fellow psychics I have to go, but I will write back soon.

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kenny (guest)
17 years ago (2007-08-11)
It doesn't have to be psychics who can use their gifts to commit crimes. Many people can commit crimes and take advantage of others with their expertise in any field that they perform their works in. There is always a constant pull between those who have and have not and wanting more per greed to gain power and control over others. These type of people will use any type of means not just psychic means to acquire what they want. When there is no love for self or love for mankind, then there is a cold void of selfishness that prevails over all consciousness. This cold, callous consciousness only collects the dark and darkness as it goes. It has no morals, no conscious or care about the results of it's selfishness, greed and lust for power and how it attains it. It will lie, cheat, steal, back stab, rob, murder and kill in cold blood. It has no conscious and will use any and all means to perpetuate the evil and darkness it feeds upon.

Love is the only card that will trump this black and sinister monster. The war between good and evil prevails in all areas of all beings everywhere. Psychics are but one venue to use the gifts for good or for evil. It is not the only one. It is an ongoing war behind the scenes, but awareness is rising for the side that comes from love. Love will prevail.
Handr2020 (guest)
17 years ago (2007-08-08)
brother if you can help me understand this I need your help... My dreams has always come true, so does my daydreams, deja vu happens consistently... I can sense when things are about to happen. I know when someone is thinking of me at a giving moment even if its across the world and I can pinpoint the exact moment they thinking of me. I follow my gut and those inner voices a lot and they always lead me to more mysterious's scary at times. I'm 24 now and it's only becoming stronger and I'm channeling it better but I still don't understand it. Email me if you will at handr2020 [at]

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