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I Saw This Happen


The past few nights, I had dreams and all of them seem to have happened, but just in this minute I kind of just day dreamed and I saw one of my best friend (girl) from cornwall on msn saying that she loves me, I saw it happen in the dream, it was just waiting for her to say it. Then I just said "oh I must be seeing things", so I said to myself if she means this, then I'll look at the light and it will go out and it did, thinking it coincidence, I tried making the tv go fuzzy and it happened. I'm kind of freaked out,

I had the feeling this were going to happen before she said it, the phone started ringing, then I knew it would be meg (the girl I was on about) I sensed that she meant what she said, then another feeling saying that she was upset and that I was the only one she trusted, I picked the phone up and it was meg upset and she said she meant what she told me, then I heard voices, I asked if she was with anyone but she said no, I heard in her voice "he doesn't know how much I love him, I really wish I could see him again".

Now if I could get any advice on how to control this it would be the best thing. Thank you for any advice possible.

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Linda S (guest)
16 years ago (2008-01-06)

I know exactly what you mean by these "day dreams" For me, it's not so much an instant mind boggling flash that comes out of nowhere like the movies portray, they are simply MY thoughts, thinking about anything and everything, sometimes they happen and I get really freaked out. I'm also trying to get advice on how I can develop and most importantly control these visions because they scare me and have made me very insecure. I have found that when I tell myself and others that I DONT WANT these feelings and truly mean it, they seem to stop for a little while. If you hear of some good advice I'd love to know.
Katie (guest)
16 years ago (2007-09-19)
So you had a day dream about a future event. Yeah I go through them all the time. Don't worry. 😊 it just warns you and tells you before it happens it good in a way cause if you are near to death then you can have a daydream and change your future by stopping this accident from happening. Do you get me cause I go through having day dreams and dreams about future events the bad ones so least I get warned of what going to happen so I know what I'm going to go through.
fdup (guest)
16 years ago (2007-08-13)
contact your nearest all seeing, all knowing psychic intuitive medium like hecate refer to other story for answers but be warned everything has a price.

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