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Back in February I posted a story about a 'dream' I had of a young girl who showed me how she was killed, a visual of where her killer left her body, and she specifically communicated that she wanted her body found. I knew it was her spirit with me. It was different than other 'dreams' I had before. I usually experience things from their perspectives but with her, I was next to her spirit. She showed me small clips, so to speak of what happened to her.

Update since this 'dream'.

I decided to ask for more information since I couldn't get this out of my head. Every day I would think and wonder who she was, where she was... So I sat down by myself and said to myself or whoever is listening that if I am going to help, I would need to know a name.

The name 'Tracy' popped into my head. I was surprised. So I asked for a last name. This part was not so clear. At first I got 'M' and then 'K'. So I tried to put it together like 'McKay' but instantly I got 'no' pop into my head. After several guesses, I kept getting 'no'. So I left with that.

I took to the internet and started searching for missing person's by the name of Tracy.

It took very little searching and there she was. Tracy Marie Kroh. She's been missing since the 80's. Except she was a senior in high school, not in college. The girl I saw in my dreams looked like the aged computer picture of her and not of what she looked like when she went missing. What to do now?

Additionally, as a side note I have been scratching myself in my sleep since some time after this. I don't know if it's related or not. I have never done this to myself in my life. Advice please!

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Dmek3 (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-10-11)
Please read my other comment! I've been hoping to talk to you. After coming across your vision I think this could really lead to a breakthrough on Tracy Krohs dissapearence!
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-05)
Hi ebay82,

What you can do is ask Spirit, your angels, your spirit guides, God, whichever deity or being you trust in to help present the opportunity for you to share the information that you have been given, and end that sentence by saying that you ask this to be for the highest good of all concerned.
ebay82 (3 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-05)
Thanks for the advice. I will use this for sure. I need confidence in making that call as well. I do not want to sound crazy.
Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-03)
The above poster gave excellent advice.

I can only add if she does not wish to cross over yet.

You can still send love/peace and healing energy.
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-01)
Hi ebay82,

I just checked back on your other story to see when you first mentioned this person. It does sound like you have a ghost or a spirit with you. To me, it sounds more like a ghost since those who have crossed over to the other side usually let go of their earthly pasts and are at peace. Ghosts sometimes have unfinished business.

Maybe you could help the police and report the news about her that you have gotten? Maybe get some more information directly from her? The only thing is that it's not healthy to be keeping ghosts around and eventually you're going to want to cross her over if she doesn't go on her own. I am not super experienced with situations like these that you have, but there's a woman named Mary Ann Winkowski who wrote a book called "When Ghosts Speak" and she talks about her experiences with ghosts that wanted to get help through the police to seek justice in some way or closure. Also, my friend Ama Nazra is experienced with ghosts and might have some information for you if you ask her about your situation. Maybe ask both of those people out?

Personally, I would cross over the girl (by asking Archangel Michael: Archangel Michael, please FIND the girl that was in my dreams and TAKE her into healing.) and then after she is feeling better, see if she still wants to get help. She will be way more helpful after she gets a clear healed mind when she crosses over.

You can be more specific in your request to Archangel Michael with literally saying the girls name if you know a part of it or all of it.

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