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Update on my Medium Experiences


We've moved out of the last place I told you about (thankfully!) The day before we moved, I was in the basement and could sense a bunch of scared little girls. Also a couple days before that I woke up and saw a man hanging out our window. I'd say a while back some seriously nasty stuff went on there! (It was a really old house to.)

So those are my spiritual encounters to date. Just as a note of interest I also have ESP or something I often will have a song in my head and turn on the radio and its playing or I'll be thinking of someone and feel miserable and not know why and later find out they we're in trouble, like when dad got in a car crash! I had be hanging out with some friends when I suddenly started feeling really gloom and lonely, I biked down to the rec. center so I could be alone and just moped around thinking about Dad for no particular reason, until I happened to look up and see our VERY smashed and mangled car on the back of a tow truck! Dad's alright now but it was a really deep profound experience.

I also dream stuff before it happens. I dreamed one of my friends was going to break her arm; warned her the next day - she still broke her arm in gym class that day, I dreamed I was going to lose my baby when I was pregnant and sure enough, I dreamed my grandfather was going to die, went to see him and 2 weeks later I was at his funeral, I dreamed I ran into one of my long time friends I hadn't seen in 6 years; guess what! - anyway you get the point; These don't disturb or bother me I just figured I'd mention it in case someone wants to talk to me about their similar experiences or whatever.

I believe there are certain people in our lives that whether we know it or understand it or not we have very deep spiritual connections with and if anything major happens or is going to happen we just know.

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Katie (42 stories) (369 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-08)
Houses don't need to be be old to be haunted. It can be the history of the area as well. My parents house is only 15 years old. Has loads of history to it because of the area. My dreams come true when its someone close to me if its something to do with there health or if they are in danger. I also say things and they end up coming true a few minutes later. I think dreams are so strange in a way. I visit the spirit world in my dreams and now and then get contacted by spirits/ghosts. I also feel them they seem to wake me up while I'm asleep. Its either I'm telepathic or I can just feel them. Once I woke up because I got a strange weird feeling like someone telling me to wake up and I woke up looked at the side I don't know why and found a ghost man looking straight at me. I opened my eyes and
looked straight in his eyes. I've been poked, had things breathing on me, tucking me in bed and that. I see people's loved one's who I have never seen in my life as ghosts and they end up contacting me as well in my dreams. I have that sometimes I say a song turn radio on and the song will come on next. I see orbs as well once a week or 2 week.
GlendaSC (5 stories) (1475 posts)
16 years ago (2008-04-07)
JC - I read and commented on your last experience. I'm glad you have moved. It's still odd to me how we "sense" places, but when my husband's company transfers him, we house hunt. Some just feel very unwelcome. I can't explain that. We never look at older, historic home. I don't really want to go there. I don't think that he thinks that I should either. He's protective a bit. I've sensed people for many years. When I saw a picture hanging at work, I turned to my then best friend, and said, I can't date him. We'll get married. I didn't want to get married. I'm a loner type person at home and social elsewhere. He started bugging me to date. Well, now we have two grown children and one close and have been married 23 almost 24 years. Some has been easy and some hard. In the hard stuff, I just try to guide softly and get through it. But, I've known a lot - who and where would matter to me before hand. Pay attention. It's worked for me.

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