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Desperate For Answers: My Sense Of A Dead Man


I was walking into my mother's friend Dave's garage, And when I walked in I felt weird like I couldn't explain the feeling, like I could sense death, a spirit. And a few days later Dave tells me that a man hung his self where the garage is located. I don't know if I'm a medium or a psychic, and I've had a dream that a man hung his self. Am I psychic? I know this isn't a dream website, I just thought I should share that dream to see if it had something to do with my sense that a someone had died in that garage. (also I have had several dreams or had dreams of conversations and they really happen.) (and I can hear whispers in my house, and I have heard like a little dead girl cry.)

And no one believes me I hear voices and the voices sound similar to my family's voices, also the voice whispers my name like this,: "Shelbie"- in a whisper, and it has said,: "b**ch! B**ch! Over and over. I don't understand am I psychic or a medium, or both? I would like a explanation. And I have closed my eyes about to go to sleep and I saw a skinny oldish looking women with reddish brown hair, and she was covered with dirt, like she was buried. And I have found a red towel in a bag beside my house.

And my home phone will call my cell phone. And sometimes I get chills. Ok so I have had dreams: and sometimes they happen, and have a weird sense in some rooms, and my datsund has barked at the ceiling, and something whispers my name and has said hey and called me a b**ch.

And I would appreciate everyone's honest answers to what this means thanks for reading my experience. And thanks to this website.

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