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I have had dreams that came true before, but I stop having them for awhile until one day I had a odd dream about my boyfriend going to jail that night before my boyfriend and I live in different cities which is only an hour away, but we don't get see each that often so the next day I haven't heard from him. I thought he was really busy that day, so the other day I get a text from him saying he went to jail the other day I was really shocked that the dream I had came true. I told him about the dream he was kind of freak out about it and I know this might sound like silly, but when I was younger maybe around 11 or 12 years old I would always have these weird predications on what my mom would make for dinner it would be exactly what she made which kind of freak me out I don't know what does this all mean I been trying to do research to see what all this could be. I wonder if anyone else has a similar experience or story like mine. I hope everyone enjoy my little story I would be glad to here to everyone else experiences and stories which would really interesting and also in my dreams I only can remember that one event everything else is just a blur to me I don't remember anything else in my dreams just that one event. I honestly don't know what does that suppose to mean or why I only remember that only part in my dreams that could mean something really important? That's a question I always wonder about. I mean does anyone else have to if so please let me know that would be interesting to why does that happen. I really don't talk about these things with anyone because I thought people would think I am crazy or something, so I'm glad to find this site and talk about my experiences I had in the past.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-20)
I think it is normal for the majority of people to forget a part or all of the dream. I believe that the essence of important part stays with us.
Example: I had a conversation and awoke to remember hearing and seeing my Grandfather say to me he Loved me.
I was not in crises. But had felt a little disconnected from my Home.

You can gain a better memory recall by saying to our self before fall asleep, you will remember your dream. Upon awakening write down what you remember.

Also when meditating or awake: visualize colors, smells, sensations.
lucky13 (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-18)
hey there:) I have dreams that come true as well they range from silly things like dreaming about a person saying saying to me then the next day the do to more serious things like dreaming about events that will show up on the news the next day. Such as I dreamt about an old man getting bet up on a train line by 4 teenage boys and the next day it was on the news! Freaked me out a lot, the worst one however I have had that racks me with guilt is dreaming about my cousin dying and then a year later she actually did. I dreamt about my parents and mines reaction and everything happened exactly in the dream I blame myself cause I didn't do anything about it but that was the first one I had the seemed to get weaker from their probably because of the guilt. But however don't dismiss this there will be a lot of people telling you this is rubbish and people trying to disprove it but you have proof that it s real and you are not alone at all with it a lot of people have this gift but very few admit it. Just keep trying to strengthen this gift if you like and see the wonderfull results hope this helps

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