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Dream Of Precognitive Nature And Vision


I have been looking everywhere to record this, just in case some of it will be confirmed in real life. Some four to five nights ago I had this very vivid dream of a Taliban attack. It was going to be a local radio station that would announce that the members of a wedding party should head for a destination not far from Heathrow (London) Airport. However in actual fact it was going to be a cover for the diverse undercover groups to amass for an attack, presumably on the airport, which seems to be quite plausible seeing as it is now the Christmas holiday period, and this seems to be an apposite time for an attack. The last thing I remember seeing were two police range rovers performing a sort of road block along the road. I was not able to ascertain if this meant the authorities had been alerted to the threat or were reacting to it.

Seem to somehow or other be tuning in to their wavelength. Two-three months ago had a very detailed dream, where there seemed to be some sort of real life confirmation, which I would like to share, depending on the kind of reception I get.

Still some seven hundred and fifty characters to go. I was lying in bed half-asleep one night a couple of weeks ago, and this sort of misty picture opened up in front of me, I then consciously opened my eyes wide and tried to take it all in staring intently all the while. The mist slowly cleared and I realised I was looking at some sort of village of archaeological interest somewhere in South America. It seemed to be like a major crossroads in this village, and there in the middle was some sort of erection reminding one of what seemed like a totem pole, but as I tried to discern the detail of the 'pole' the scene just vanished.

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CritterLover (3 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-02)
I've been have pre-cog dreams since I was a teenager. Mostly plane crashes, tidal waves, etc. The plane crashes offer a great deal of detail including the airline, whether the cause is mechanical or weather or pilot error, etc. Often times, I'm inside the fusilage floating above and behind everybody and am able to see what is happening as the plane is crashing as well as the people inside, their reactions, prayers, etc. Sometimes I'm floating outside the airplane watching so I can see the cause of the crash (usually mechanical when I'm observing from the outside). I can tell you the airline, but never the tail numbers. These dreams always occur within a 7 day window of the event. Sometimes I see military planes crashing and can tell if passengers are on board or just crew, how many will survive (if any.

Just know you don't have the ability to alter these events.

The tsumani that hit Indonesia a few years ago I saw a full 5 years before it hit. I was hovering in the sky under about 10, 000 and saw it hit several islands.

It got to the point that I would call my mother and she would say,"Oh? Another crash? What airline this time? Or "Does this earthquake hit during the daytime or night?" It became so common place for me to have these dreams.

Realize you can't alter some time lines - they are definitely set in stone.

I've also had the ability to "pick up" on missing persons since I was a teenager, and know details of people that police are looking for. These are thought forms that simple manifest, sometimes I zone out at the least likely moments and spontaneously see short movies playing in my inner eye, along with a name, and details of that person.

I used to work in the medical profession and taking care of patients became unbearable. What ever pain or discomfort they were experiencing I would immediately entering their rooms, or by touching them. It was crippling, especially when working with amputees or blunt force trauma patients. I had to quit medicine because I found it increasingly more difficult to function and take care of them.
darkassassin92 (1 stories) (215 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-01)
It was back in October, 1st, 2013 I was sleeping and then I felt something furry crawling up my right leg do not know if it was a lucid dream or real like spirits or a animal but it scared me I think a little. I don't own pets anymore so I just do not know what it was.
AnonymusGuy36 (2 stories) (10 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-31)
I've been having similar expiriences to Fruan's. I see small fragments of the future in my dreams, 3-5 seconds or so. It is never anything important, and I don't remember that I dreamt it until it actually comes to pass. Just keep exploring your talent, there is a possibility that you, me, and people like us can channel bioenergy. I know because my greatuncle has the ability, and he can also see the future. The man had a blood pressure 50/30, he should have been in a coma, but he was sitting on the balcony drinking coffee. I hope to see him at least once, and ask him about all this.
Fruan (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-28)
Well I have sort of the same experience... I started have dreams at 4 about things I didn't even know about. The dreams progressively frequent, I am 14 now. The dreams seem to happen every night now. I can see small things like cars on a road that a week later I would see that in real life. But as I have gotten older they have gotten more and more violent. Say I would see myself at funerals, Now I dread sleeping at this point. Its scary and when I am at that point when I see something I had dreamed about I ask myself, Do I continue with this or do I turn around and not do what I did in the dream... Is it my place to altar something I have no knowledge over?...And sense the age of 2 I have begun to hear things, see shadows they arent there. I guess its all just a mystery though.

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