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Precognitive Knowing?


I know this isn't a dream interpretation site but my question involves dreaming. I'm not sure if I'm in any way gifted with anything other than an over active imagination but I think this qualifies. I want to know the connection with dreams and possible psychic gifts. On numerous occasions I've had vivid dreams or lucid dreams and of what I can remember right this second I had a dream my friend was planning a baby shower and she wasn't pregnant in reality. So I woke up and wrote her that I had a dream she was pregnant again and she told me that it was weird because she was ill and went to the hospital. She found out she was pregnant and she had recently found out that she was about 6-7 months with no symptoms or changes to her body. So I thought to myself how I dreamt she was pregnant if she didn't even know herself (which means there was no way for me to be hinted that she was).

Another example, I had a dream two nights ago about various things and I had written to my cousin as soon as I woke up. In the dream we had called her friend from work and instead of the regular ringing the phone played a song while we waited for her to pick up. As soon as I told my cousin this she said it was creepy because if you call her friend her phone does play a song instead of ringing. There is no way I would know that because I don't have that person's phone number and I've never called her. How random.

Now my issue is I'm not sure if I have some psychic potential via my dreams or not. Maybe its all a huge coincidence.

Speaking of which, I do have an increasing amount of coincidences/ synchronicities, thinking of things and having them pop up a few seconds/minutes later and strong deja vu that's been happening all this year. They happen even more when I'm with my cousin too.

Is it possible for me to dream of things that will happen or am I having randomly coincidental dreams?

I'll be reading and responding so I'd appreciate anything. Thanks.

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