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My name is Roby Young I am 15 and I am a star child

About 4 weeks ago I found out what I am and was afraid I had realized I had abilities at age 7 I just couldn't control them today I am working with a friend/mentor who is helping me harness my ability. The process has been helpful except I have been losing focus a bunch. When I go down the street I can feel what someone thinks about me and I can see how they are around others. Its been driving me nuts. Whenever I go home I ask for help from my mom but I think its just a empathy thing except it feels like more than empathy. I also as a young man was hurt a lot by my stepfather and was always rejected as a child. I was supposed to be the perfect one in my family. But that never happened so I was beat a bunch. And I am a star child with PTSD because of abuse as a child. I am prone to blacking out and hurting people with no recollection of what happened. That is why I am afraid of my power I have done things that would scare people (so I will not mention them). So if I could get some more help that would be great so anyway my question is: is there anything that could help me with clearing my mind of certain memories that are very harmful to me and others, so that I can get rid of past experiences that have been traumatic and painful that I can try out that would help me in the long run? This would help a bunch if anyone has any suggestions please email me at firetoothyoung[at] thanks for your consideration and for your time.

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wat123 (41 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-17)
Go to a support-group or therapy for PTSD if you want to be free of the past you have to face it sometimes and fight it. It may remain your entire life but you can always make your situation better by developing your mental state into a more positive one as to battle the past.

I think after a certain time we have to forgive ourselfs too, if you didn't hurt others on your own will then you shouldn't remain feeling guilty all your life.

I hope these violent problems have stopped so you'll eventually be able to escape them, just search for a peacefull environment and I'm sure your abilities will calm down too.
If anything I'd actually recommend you to watch the series: The legend of avatar Korra/ The last airbender.

I can't describe exactly what you'll learn from it but I've grown up with it and learned a lot from it.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2014-10-16)
If you have endured beating and are blacking out.
Your subconscious mind is taking over, that's why
You can not remember.

When a child is beaten and the other adult does
Nothing that sends a message. That the child is bad.
This under mines the nurture process. So the child
Fees as if there must be something wrong with them self.
I do feel for you. Because my Dad was beaten and abandoned
By my Gran. He had a step brother who did well.
But I add that up to nurture.
But if my dad could succeed and did not beat me.
And made his way to do wright, you can too.

What can be of help is reading about healing your
Inner child. Positive affirmations, visualization
Of seeing yourself in positive relationships.

But a great break through would be to have
Sessions with a clinical psychologist, of therapist
Who can eventually hypnotize you to get at the
Core issues, to release and walk you as an observer.

There are other support groups as CODA, or a 12 step
Programs. Many of these places listen accept you
Unconditionally. Some have meditation groups.

The process is heal the soul. Then progress
To living a Spiritual life one day at a time.

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