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Quirk Becomes Problem


Quirk: People "pick up on me", sometimes even from over 1000 miles away. Some more than others. They literally speak my thoughts; things they could not have known. Sometimes I think it's a good thing like when my patients and I (i'm a nurse) really connect on a personal level and they know that I get it, even though we just met. I can't count how many strangers i've cried with, even in grocery stores! But it's a little disconcerting when my youngest son spouts out things that should not even be entering his head, but they are in mine. Anything... From string theories, to what I plan to make for supper next weekend, AND issues between his father and i. It's fine if he already knows what I need to get out of the trunk right as i'm thinking it pulling into the driveway, but there are things too heavy for him to know that they even exist yet.

BIGGER PROBLEM: My ex-husband. He's a predator and after well over a year of complete silence he is suddenly back after me again, custody lawyers and all. He is no joke. I wish I could describe it... Um... Like a rock hard husk filled with a freezing blackish blue vacuum, plus rage. Closest thing to evil i've ever felt. He tried to take my life, as hard as he could. I'm surprised i'm here. I believe he's suddenly back at it because lately i've been revisiting the past in my thoughts and trying to sort it all out and make peace, FOR MYSELF. I think it's just made him angry. Sort of makes sense. We lived attached at the souls, thinking each others thoughts (that might be my fault), as a team for 15yrs. My mother (1500 miles away) texted me yesterday asking if I was okay because I'd been heavy on her mind lately. She could sense something.

I literally can put my thoughts inside other people's heads, just usually against my will.


Help...? Thank you in advance for any insight you could possibly offer.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-30)
Brando1211973 with people, we live-Theme patterns.
If it is not your X-Spouse, as you put it other people.
And as Theme patterns, when you are tired or exhausted,
You would get the nasty people. Because your defense is down.

With the ex Spouse, it would be wise to get, soul ties cut as well as clear ant thought forms. A good healer can do those items and a slap check to see if there are any attachments.

You describe your self as an Empathy.

Good journey

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