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Third Eye Meditation Problems!


Hay everyone; I'm back after not posting for two years.

I've really missed this site, and the community along with it. I'm kind of upset I didn't post more to share my growth and experiences worth you guys. Well I'm going to try to get you guys caught up.

Well over the years I've gotten less out of the terms of abilities (which are cool) and more into the lines of being fully spiritually awaken. I've stopped being so attuned with certain practices, and focused more on finding myself. I've learned to accept other, and love everyone no matter what they look like or how they act. I I stopped my practice for a while due to an overload of school work. I was still very strong after not practicing for so long. I kept my practice of for a while and over time have been training myself in the realm of astral projection. I then slacked in my training again, and stated teaching others how to do the same for a while. Now two years later I'm still teaching my practices, and honing my abilities to they're fullest. I've gotten very good at energy healing, and hopefully work my up to being a reiki master. Lately though, I've been having some serious trouble though and I feel slightly drained and it takes my longer to absorb and release energy. It all started when I began this third eye activation meditation, but it has only started me over. I can feel my third eye vibrating when I do it, and it gives me slight headaches. I'm not sure if its just very powerful and I may need to just need rest after the four day meditation procedure, or if I should stop doing the meditation overall. Even so I have started seeing auras. Which is something I have never been able to do, but I feel like I'm starting from the beginning. Do you guys have any advice for what I should do or anything to help build me up back to where I was?

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