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A Dream Where You Don't Belong


I am like a dream person. I dream everyday and remember them in details. Whenever I dream and sometime I don't even know that I'm dreaming. So I just go with the flow of the dream. If I figure out that I'm dreaming in the dream I end up waking up. Which isn't fun because I don't get to control my dreams or ask questions. Even if I did I won't get an answer. But one day, I had this dream that I was in the restroom washing my hands. Then this lady came out of the bathroom and walked up to me. She looked at me strangely then said, " You don't belong here. Go back where you came from." I was kind of confused why she said that. Then I woke up. I find it odd of someone in a dream telling me where I don't belong. Usually whenever I know I'm dreaming. I would be the one saying it but I would get no reply or can't wake up from a dream. I guess a year passed and I had another dream similar to the first one. The first dream was short but this second one lasted longer. I dreamed I was watching a history movie in my history class with my friend. Then all of a sudden I was in the movie somehow. Again I am in the restroom then a lady came in and looked at me strangely. She said to me," You don't belong here. Go back where you came from quick!" She was rushing me. Then she told me there's this evil girl that traps people who are in her realm or something? She told me she has trap them and they can't get out. She gave me a vision which I believe was about the evil girl's look and to follow this person. A guy and I knew his name. She told me to follow him. He will get me out of the world I am in. She rushed me out of the restroom and I saw him running. I called out his name (his name is Clear) to wait for me. And I saw the evil girl. She looks normal but intimidating. We went up stairs and it was kind of like one of those labyrinth stairs. She was so closed to me and I was so scared that I couldn't catch up to him. When we made it to the top there was crowds of people and I lost him and the girl was so close by to grab me then he grabbed onto my hands and went up to the escalator and I woke up.

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hcir (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-03-02)
I am interested in the experience you had as I have had them often. The usual scenario is that I will be somewhere until I am noticed. I am then told that I do not belong there. Sometimes I have been picked up and thrown out/back to here.

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