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Where I Go When I Sleep


First off I have no idea if this was a dream or was real so i'll start from the beginning. It is friday night I close my eyes. I see these "blue dots", and then I see this golden figure surrounded by darkness. Then out of no where these two beams of light appear on each side of me and a square box filled with darkness. This golden figure flies into it and flies for awhile down this corridor. Then I appear in this town on a side walk and see this black figure start running, then I start running after it and then we touch. After we touch I wake up and hear wind. After the wind everything is kind of blurry and greyish. I couldn't move. I was so scared. It took a lot of energy to move up a little then my room changed. So I went back down and my room went back. It kind of felt like I started to get pulled up. I was just so scared I thought I frozen. I was just laying there then my door opened and it was a black figure. Then out of nowhere I was awake everything was back to normal.

So far I couldn't find out what happened to me but I stumbled upon something called ascension.

Most of the stuff it mentioned for ascension symptoms are happening to me. Like I wake up with random bruises and random out burst of physic powers. And also I think i'm developing telekinesis. For example I kick a soccer ball and it was rolling into poison ivy so I pointed my hand at it and thought stop and it stopped.

So I need a lot of help trying to figure this stuff out please I need real help you can email me at lewis.redsfan45.

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Hecate0 (152 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-29)
Hi ChrisLewis, it does sound like you are sensitive to psychic things. I often try to think of mundane explanations for things, and then move to the paranormal, both of which I think are very possible. Your intense vision while sleeping could be a vivid dream. The bruises you mention could be the result of possible sleepwalking. I did that a lot, right into my late teens. But sleep walking and very vivid dreams happen in different stages of sleep, walking in stages 3-4 and vivid dreams during REM, when your body is essentially paralyzed. That paralysis can linger during the waking process, and some experience what is called sleep paralysis. This could explain the feeling of not being able to move.

However, the ascension things you researched could also explain it. I am unfamiliar with that, specifically. But my experience and learning from others here has led me to be very open about these things.

My suggestions: do a house blessing/cleansing (another google search) and visualize self protection, surround yourself with healing, loving white light and ask that nothing negative can come near you.

I hope this helps. Best to you!

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