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Dream That Come True And Flight


First off I need to tell you about my dreams. Some of my dreams actually come true, for examble I had a dream I was in gym class and we were playin dodge ball. So in this dream I look to my right then to my left and see someone with a blured face then I look in front of me then see another person who threw a ball at me but before it hits my face I wake up. So a couple weeks later it happens for real and I get daja vu. This happens evey so often now. Also my ears ring but most of the time I can control it. But I really want to talk about how I can focus on the sky and see tiny white lights moving. If I stare long enough then they get closer. When I look at the sky it seems to get futher. When this first happened I was like this is not real. But it happens every time I look up. Lately I don't know why but I keep getting this feeling that I can fly. So today I looked at the sky while it gets further I jump and it seems I hover for a second. Ever since then I try it and can only do nothing. Before this I know this is of topic but I was going to bed and I closed my eyes and saw blue dots then I see a golden figure with golden wings like insect wings. Then two pillars of light come shooting up and a long dark hall way appears. This figure flies down it and after a while I'm in a city walking out of a store. After I walk out I see a black figure running down the street. I run after him. We touch then I'm back In bed but its all dark and cloudy. When I move its really hard but I do then I'm some where else. I see a black figure at my door then I open my eyes and I'm In bed for real and my doors open. I'm back home for real. I'm sorry every things not in order but I had to get everything off my chest please help me.

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