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Where They Lead Me?


I had the weirdest dream last night but first I have to explain something.

I feel, smell, see and sometimes hear the other side. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are not so good. In this case I go out of my house, walk round our little town and when I am back, the bad feeling in the house is gone.

Now, since a few months, when I take a nap in the midday, I get a visit in my dream from two girls. The youngest round age 6, the oldest one round age 13 or 14.

The first dream I had with them was weird.

I met them for the first time and they led me to a bar where a men was ready to hurt a little girl with a knife in the wrist. The rest of the crowd in the bar did not seem to notice what was going on. The two girls who led me into the bar just pointed at the girl and even offered me a knife.

Well, the only thing I could think of then was to just save the little girl who was about to get into serious pain inflicted by the man with the knife.

So I grabbed a wine bottle, smashed it on his head and saved the girl.

I took the girl with me and let her at a nurse who took care of her.

The two girls who let me into the bar after that did lead me to a huge double old iron door. I did not wanted to go in. But the oldest one of the girls opened the door and waved me to come in.

It was a grim place. Dark, I only saw the stairs leading down and it smelled... Bad. Death was hanging around here and when I stopped at the stairs because I did not wanted to go down I woke up. My boyfriend woke me up.

Second dream with these girls was again about saving a girl. This time they offered me a small hand crossbow from gold with one arrow and pointed me at some caves. They stayed outside and I got in.

I found two men that did not feel good to me. They were bullying a little girl.

I did not know what to do so I just took my best shot. I hit the girl in the foot with the little arrow but it scared the men of so I could save her and get her to a small house in a forest where she was save and taking care of.

This is like movie stuff. I know. It probably can't be all explained. But the weird part comes now and I get confused.

Again the two girls. The smallest, the 6 year old, seems kind of innocent. The older one, from 14... I don't know if she is what she looks like. She is wiser and leads me.

Last night, the second time in a night dream, they were there again. But this time they had a total other idea or assignment. I was in the UK somewhere, a small village. And I needed to pick someone up. Someone who is dead, I found out a little later.

There was a list of names but I only know one name from the list. They guy I needed to pick up and bring to church.

I am not going to mention his name because. This guy is real. I found out he does live in the UK and looks exactly how I saw him in my dream. I found him, because of the name on the list and his date of birth what was a number presented on the list next to his name. He also is doing the sports what I dreamed of. And I really never watch this sport in my life!

I never saw him before and that creeps me out.

Is not the first time a dream comes true. I have dreamed about people and certain things that happen in their lives. It comes true.

This is the first time I did dream about a total stranger and... He is real.

What do I need to do? I am confused and these two girls... Who come in my dream are like guiding me somewhere. Why is this? I don't understand. Is there anyone who I can talk to or sent email about this? I would be so grateful!



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