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Everybody knows the movie with Leonardo Di Caprio.

Well... I don't know if I had the same but let me explain it to you.

This midday I felt tired, so I took a nap.

I had a kind of dream. It was more on another realm I got into.

I saw two people I knew for a long time. They always pop up somewhere in time and then they give me things to do, puzzles I need to solve.

This time they send me down a staircase and I came down in a dusty, little warm and lighted hallway with candles on the walls.

There were two women waiting for me to guide me through the underground tunnels.

When we got to a small beam we needed to cross, with a wall on one side and a depth on the other, it got scary.

I was the first to step on the beam and took my time to pass it. Step by step. In real life I am afraid of heights so... Also in the... Another realm, it was no different.

Halfway I looked at my hands. Don't ask me why but they looked like draugr hands. Dried out and I had longer nails then I am used too and they were a little blue. I remember seeing a tattoo of a chain on my hand with small blocks and a connection between the blocks.

Then the second dream the hallucinations started.

The two women who guided me through the tunnels were gone.

I got to the other side of the beam and find two persons.

One is following me for a long time. He is... I don't know. He is not ok, let's say that.

The second one was a surprise.

He was a draugr, like I saw my hands earlier and I know he has been gone (passed away) for a while now. I think 4 years. The neighbor committed suicide and hang himself in the basement of our flat. So, I guess hiss passing was not very pleasant.

Seeing him next to the figure that is following me already for a long time was a shock. It made me feel like he was slave/servant of the other now and that is a shame for my neighbor. It was a good guy despite of his problems but now even on the other side he is not living a happy ending.

My question? Does anybody have experience with a dream or hallucination within a dream?

For me, they both felt so real! I can still smell the freaking dust, the old air, the smoke from the candles. It does not freak me out anymore. But a dream or hallucination within a dream is new for me.

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Ramona34 (3 stories) (3 posts)
3 years ago (2021-09-20)
PathR sorry for the late reaction, I want to thank you for your help 😊.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
3 years ago (2021-04-29)
Normally puzzles, or mazes represent going through different areas to reach a particular goal, or have a certain type of meeting or viewing.

I have done this myself.

What appeared as hallucination dream, was Psychic imprint.
Psychic imprints: are energy that are left behind and felt, or seen. Usually this implies trauma/sudden death/fighting. When seen, the individual views the situation occurring. This can also appear in symbol with actual knowledge/view the individual, and clear understanding of individual.
Such as committing suicide/war/domestic abuse. The chains- hands and feelings of delusion which could of been induced from medication or depression, psychological emotional/mental pain. All do not leave the person who committed suicide in an pleasant place.

They normally go on to be supported in healing once they die, but as you indicated are in transition.

It is known that the living can support the deceased, by prayers/energy, or rituals, which help heal and raise their vibrations.

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