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Do I Have Electro Kenisis?


I'm 16 and I've noticed for the last month light start flickering around me and electrical sockets start buzzing it never happened before so walking home today I decided to focus on a street light before I did this 3 of them was flickering. But the bizarre thing is what happened when I focused on the light it actually turned off I got a little worried by this because it turned off and there was like a wall like on a shop the started going crazy so u walked away but when I got to a distance the light came back on and stopped flickering. So basically I am looking for answers of why this is happening is it like an ability like electro kenisis if it is can I have a short description on how to control it it starting to worry me a little because it only happens to me not my family or friends. I did some investigating to find out about electro kenisis and some people with this ability at first I thought it was fake but I'm starting to believe it after my experiences in the past few months and just would love to hear back. I currently work at the liberty stadium south Wales in the UK and I have also noticed the I give a lot of electrical shocks when I make contact with my friend over the last year I've come to notice it more. I forgot to mention when I left the train station is got about 800 meters and my phone turned on by it self and pressing buttons that I didn't even touch, I also have this thing where every so often I see a white streak of light in the corner of my eyes and all this is really messing with me so I would like to find out if it is electro kenisis and how I can learn to control it.

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JermWittaJay (2 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-07)
So for a while I've notice that if I focus on computers or fans or such, and think of the sound of it running in my head and then hear it slowing down. Feel it slowing down it actually starts to. Then after prolongs abuse from me "playing" them, they eventually stopped working. I think it's an ability I've cherished along with others but I can only do it to electronics that have fans or that I can hear audibly. I have ruined countless Xboxs and laptops and don't mean to. And if it runs on a battery like a laptop or handheld fan I find that it's easier to manipulate. I thought it was coincidence at first but I told my brother and he heard the difference when I switched it on and off. I don't know how or why but electronics don't like me. Sometimes if I try really really hard I can shut off a street lamp but that's really hard for me. Any one else have this ability or similar experiences please contact. I thought I was alone until I "stumbled" on this site. I don't think it was an accident

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