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Is It Some Sort Of 'Kenisis?


It all started I guess when I was 10. Me, my brother and a couple of his "female" friends were planning a party for my mom, now before that I had a bunch of dreams I couldn't seem to remember even after I woke up. It got to a point where everyone was running outside cause the girls hit my brother or something when they started piling up near the door I told them " You guys! This happened to me before!". One of the girls said that some kids do have dreams like that where something in their dream happens in real life. They all thought she was crazy, but I didn't I remember everything exactly like it happened just a day ago, I called myself a time traveler because I kept having the same experiences but different scenes.

Then when I turned 12, I walked to the rite-aid near my house, when I did I went to the toy section and picked up a light saber. At that moment I felt like something was behind me, something big tall and scary, and usually in the corner of my eyes I could see stuff that I would see, but I saw blackness behind me for some reason.

Half of the times, since I'm in a rough school, kids try to hit me but I always move just before they do, I don't know why but I feel like I know they're going to try something so I either duck or run. Also I have a weird way of remembering stuff, I can remember something from 4 years ago, but not a day ago I just seem to forget, It feels really weird to me.

Half of the times when kids in my class are loud and make noise, and someone's telling a funny joke I can always here everything people say when someone right next to me can't even though they're focused on listening to them. Also, since I don't have glasses, I have the worst eye sight ever, but yet I can still see things that I focus on finding, for instance I sat in my class room and I couldn't see the board, but a kid threw a tissue paper on the ground, the floor being white as the tissue, other kids couldn't find it but I saw it and picked it up first and they all asked me "Where was it?" And I just point right in front of them. I feel really weird when all this happens.

I want to know:

1: What am I?

2: Can I learn any other type of kenisis?

3: How?

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shadowrider13 (1 stories) (16 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-13)
i understand the whole dream thing. You have a dream and when it happens it comes true and you instantly rember right. Yah I have it too and it is something you will never understand how you got it it just happens. And oh yah about the whole knowing when kids are about to do something to you I think its a sort of mind read but with facial expressions. I have it too I think its just a kind of intuition or something. Hope this helps shadow.
shapeshifter78 (2 stories) (169 posts)
9 years ago (2012-03-08)
This is not kinesis. It seems that you got your vocabulary a little mixed up. Kinesis is using the elements and controlling them It is normal for people to see glimpses of the future in dreams. You also can sense things in the future which is pretty good. Try meditating and cleansing your chakras. This ought to help strengthen your abilities. Also if you feel like you want to never be afraid to branch out and see what other abilities you might posses!

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