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Is This Some Sort Of Empathic Connection?


I meant someone this year, the second semester of school, we both had a class together. Anyway, of course cynical me expected the worse at first. But shortly after I found, no worries, he really is a nice person. He was extremely kind and generous, you can tell he thought about your feelings. For the most part he just skipped the class, however, despite how little I knew him he cared deeply about me. I remember when I was wearing a shirt which showed my shoulders he noticed my scars which barely ever anybody noticed. He looked extremely sympathetic despite being shocked. Well anyway like I said he barely ever came to that class and usually just skipped it and since he was a senior he got to leave early anyway. But the next time I saw him for exams, I noticed he was staring at me and looked very sad, I could sense things about him through my 6 senses and I sensed how he learned about self-harm due to his own curiosity hence must have been staring wondering about that. If this helps at one point it felt as though I may have been feeling an attraction towards him but just instantly blocked it away (I've learned how to shut such off, hurt way too many times.) Well anyway, with that aside I feel as though he is definitely an empath or some sort of psychic, he's in-tune with his spiritual side, very artistic and talented (drawing, break dancing and also music). Also, he got so emotional when we were assigned to rewrite about a kidnapping before that it seemed as though he was almost unable to work. So what do you guys think is going on in regards to this being some sort of empathic/other psychic (?) connection or not?

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CrystallizedPyramids (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-21)
Truely-unknown, that's a good idea and all only problem is I may never see him again. He graduated, so I won't see him when school's back in. I don't know, I may see him somewhere that would be nice, see what he's up to and stuff and maybe I can somehow squeeze that in and make everything seem natural...hmmm.

Crazy14- I don't think I'm trying to find someone similar to me; I could care less, I never really fit in. But I don't know maybe I just know so many jerks and heartless people, it just takes me by surprise when I meet someone who proves to be so genuinely nice and caring. (I know a lot of fakes too or people whom seem fine, well, until you get to know them.)
truely-unknown (10 stories) (106 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-20)
He mighht be, but then again he might not be. Why don't you try to ask him next time you see him. The easiest way to start is "Do you believe in psychics?".
crazy14 (2 stories) (28 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-18)
Probably not. That probably just means he's more emotional, possibly due to abuse. I see or feel it on occasion, being an empath myself.
Most guys try not to be overly emotional although there are of course exceptions but it is often hard for people to believe if they aren't gay.
Some girls on the other hand find that to be attractive.
I'd say it's probably more wishful thinking, wishing that someone is like you or has similar powers.
For years I thought I was the only one and I wanted so badly to find someone else like me that I would notice emotional people or people who seemed to know more about things than they should and hope that they really were like me.
Looking back I would say most if not all of my suspects were just ordinary people.

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