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Shadow People And Nightmares


Last year I experienced a series of attacks (scratches, bites and being pushed down), which included also hearing put downs (verbal) and saw shadows moving, one appeared like a skeleton shadow mocking me. Main attacks where nightmares, one in particular was me being murdered and becoming a spirit myself, it was a very real experience I was awake one moment and next I was having this dream.

What I realized was by mentally speaking to them via my mind I gave them permission to enter my mind via dreams.

Before all this happened I heard a man next to my bed calling my name that was glowing and in my fear I knew it was Jesus (I was still very afraid). Ok now you think I'm crazy right. Before this I was the lest religious person in fact I had spoken against it a number of times so this was a huge shock to me.

I started praying quiet intensing every night and it worked, it still happens very occasionally its not as bad as it was.

More recently (a year later)

Last night I was looking out directly to my ceiling about the mid area and I show this round shadow and stared at it and it flow right out the door which should of scared me but for the first time I didn't doubt it was real before this I had doubts or wanted it to be night terrors basically something scientific. It was clear as the nose on my face and I had a terrible dream when I did fall asleep and when I woke up it was covered around me like an embrace. Prior being honest I did get lazy with my praying.

Some things I have learnt, please advise if you disagree or have advise.

1. Ignore it, if I can't don't be afraid of it (look at it directly but do not speak to it ever), you are in control and as long as you don't give them control by giving in, you will be fine. (it feeds off fear)

2. Pray nightly, have faith.

3. It happens when I'm vulnerable be strong

4. Love, positivity all things good repeals it which is probably the hardest things to maintain especially when all this is happening.

Whatever this thing is its been with me for a long time, it comes and goes, there has been large gaps in my weird experiences. My first memory was when I was young and I was still sharing a room with my sister, I saw this man (about 50 something year old) he shushed me and looked over to my sister, I knew what it was thinking he said if its not your it will be your sister and I agreed it would be me, that was the only time I saw a physical form of a ghost, although I suspect it might be demon/s the house I'm living in is new and no one has died in it. (and no I have not being sexually assaulted it was definitely a ghost I was in late teens when I saw it) I would like this thing to go away permanently please help.

Thanks for reading my story

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Matrix_Wolf_Spirit (2 stories) (60 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-20)
This is only my opinion due to different things work for certain people.

Sometimes Christianity does not work for everyone. I had similar experience but it wasn't shadow people. Was demons themselves. I was religious in that religion but I never got heard. Did everything I could until I just had enough. I got very angry and ended up going to an older religion, paganism. After that I had no more experiences and to this day if I get afraid I do what I do.

Sometimes some religions only work for certain people which is to my understanding a bit. If you strongly believe in that religion though. Do what you must and I do wish you luck, but this is just me telling you what might happen to you. I had a feeling to just tell this to hope you will understand why I post this. I'm not trying to put you down on things just sometimes certain things don't work with some people.

I wish you great luck on your problem. I hope everything goes well but maybe have some protection with your faith with what it offers could help more as well.
spookvanger (13 stories) (137 posts)
11 years ago (2013-06-19)
What you have learnt is correct. Just don't look at them, ignore them flat. A ghost is still person, only not in the flesh and by ignoring them they will loose interest in you and look for someone else to pester.
There are exceptions as always. For one if they were connected to you in life, and secondly if you live in or on the place of their earthly existence. These will of course not be malicious and, if you can communicate with them convince them that they have passed over and to accompany the guides who will be with them.
You can also contact a Spiritualist Church who may be able to assist. Many years ago I was part of a Rescue Circle and we travelled extensively, cleansing places of unwanted guests. You are invited to read my profile in this regard.

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