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Do I Have A Gift Of Some Sort?


I am 19 years old I work and go to college full time. The reason for me reaching out on here is because I am confused. I have these things happen to me me and I assume they are normal but when I discuss them I quickly realize this is not common.

So I would say I have always had strange things happen in my life that were unusual. When I was a little girl I apparently had a little boy friend that I played with that only I saw. This was only at my grandparents house. Come to find out a little boy drowned in the pool there. When I was 12 I got a form of sleep paralysis and saw a bunch of dots or energy making up a shape of a figure above me and I was terrified.

These increase and worsened. When I moved to my new home I remember feeling like I was being taken out of my bed and hanging upside down I saw a night light in the living room during this which I wasn't aware we had. In the morning I was curious if what I had was a dream and just to make sure we didn't have a night light I checked... There was. I would sleep and get sleep paralysis and not be able to move and see these shapes in human form but just energy, matter, dots? I'm not sure how to explain.

Anyways, I recently noticed these have been changing. I recently have been seeing actual people and hearing actual voices. I recall the feeling of sleep paralysis and I saw a man in front of me. I saw pants and he was talking to me I heard him. What is really scary about this was that I could see my t.v light on I saw my room and I knew this wasn't a dream. And this time I saw a physical person and not an energy and this time I heard it talk to me. It was an old man he was telling me to " Get up let's go for a walk" I didn't look up to see his face because I was scared. I prayed and closed my eyes and I saw something drift away and it was over.

Another time I was dreaming and I realized I was getting taken out of my dream and brought back to reality or being awakened. I was thing to myself not this again. I realized what was happening (which was new for me also).

So when I awoke I suppose I couldn't really move once again. I saw young woman sitting on my pillow she was looking down at me. I could hear her voice trying to talk to me but I was shutting out what she was saying because I was scared and I don't want to listen but I saw her figure she wasn't just energy or dots. I just didn't really look into her face once again because I was scared.

About maybe 2 months later she visited me again...

She reached out to me and was trying to take me?

I've never seen her before nor could I see her eyes she just looked pale to me. This was also the first time I've had a re occurring spirit like this.

Another time was when I was home from school about to take a nap in my living room when I saw a face of someone I've never seen appear in my ceiling, the faces changed to different ones over and over. I kept hearing " Look at me, look at me " it began to get louder and louder and I got scared this whole time this was occurring I was trying to look away and hope it would stop.

Now a scary experience was when I was laying on my bed (once again I got that numb feeling and I knew what was about to happen)

I saw a toy doll on my stomach. A arm was carrying the doll on my stomach. The arm was coming from under my bed and it began to violently shake the doll. I was horrified. I knew whatever this was wasn't nice and compared to the man and woman whom I didn't get bad vibes off of I usually know what something isn't so great.

My question is I have thought this was normal but as I think about it more and more this isn't normal. I don't know what to do. Before it would be dots and figure shapes. Now I am beginning to see actual people (except their faces because of my fear, and also because I'm slightly scared). I never use to hear anything now I do (I try to ignore it most of the time out of fear). I get taken out of my dreams back to reality and can tell when this will happen which I wasn't able to do before.

I've had other experiences but these are some main ones. In all honesty I can say sometimes after this I can sleep. O problem because I'm use to it. However sometimes I do get scared.

What is wrong with me?

Am I attracting these? Some are bad though. And are truly scary. What do I do?

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cayce17 (8 stories) (192 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-17)
Ln2245,I believe you have high energy surrounding you that the spirits are attracted to because you are spiritually active. Seeing spirits isn't a bad thing once you learn how to turn your spirit sight on and off as if a light is being turned on and off in your mind. A lot of people believe they are crazy and blame themselves for something that is not crazy at all, but normal for someone that is spiritually active, you may even be seeing spirits that are projecting themselves to you and you see them so accurately that it appears they are actually there. I could help teach you to use your gifts for good and to be able to control them properly if you're interested? I'll leave my e-mail for you if you want to talk or are in need of help.

E-mail: rainashea16 [at]
gthlvrmx (64 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-17)
Just for a quick comment, sorry for rushing in, but have you tried asking Archangel Michael for help?
Ln2245 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-16)
Thank you for your insight on my situation. I do try to surround myself with positive energy and my beliefs. When I have these experiences I do pray. I usually pray in my head. When I was young I was told that was so the devil did not hear you. So during one of these experiences I felt something ugly. I began to pray in my head when I heard a voice trying to taunt me it said to me " God isn't going to save you". My whole body felt numb I did not understand how it heard me and hearing say that to me shocked me to my core. I will say after this I did a prayer in a room with my aunt we both felt numb tingling sensations and almost loss of breath as if something did not want us to finish that prayer and for awhile things settled down but as always I still get these feelings.

Since I do feel whatever this is evolving I do feel slightly curious however my fear tends to hold me back from really trying to see what this is. Any ideas or tips would be helpful.
ThulsaDune (4 stories) (107 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-16)
First off hello and welcome to my wheelhouse. Yes I believe you have a gift and I don't believe you are crazy. I believe I can help you with some advice if you want to consider it. Sleep paralysis is more common than people know. It can really confuse and scare people. Your mind enters into a kind of altered state where you are only half awake. You cannot control or move your own body but can feel and sense things going on around you. My wife and my daughter both experience the same thing quite often. They have what is called Chiari Malformation. I am not saying you have this but it could be a possibility for some of your experiences. With them there is a pressure caused disconnect from their brain to their spinal column which causes temporary paralysis from sleeping positions.
This is just one possibility but there are many more.
As far as the images go, I think some are very vivid dreams in your partially awakened state of mind. The rest of them are possibly your gifts evolving.
I want to caution you even more about something you already know. As you stated yourself some entities are not so nice. I want to advise you to seek protection for yourself right away and do not try and contact anything just yet. You need to learn to protect yourself. I am very experienced with this realm you are finding yourself in. I went through the same thing when I was very young. I actually fought off an attack from a Satanist coven when I was very young. I believe you were contacted by both spirits at first and then evil entities or minions later. The dark entities will deceive you at first to gain your trust and then will begin to attack you later.
I believe you are starting to get attacked to cause fear and confusion. You need to build a faith in The Creator and use his love and truth and light to protect yourself. Do not play with or experiment with the dark arts.
I believe You like I, kind of send up a beacon for spirits and entities to become attracted to. I have learned over the years to dim it down or tune it down. It is either a gift or curse depending on the person and the help they get.
Some people on this site may disagree but we all are entitled to our opinion. I can help with the dark scary things. Just know that you don't have to be afraid of them and you are the one that has to deal with your experiences. Things can get worse or better according to the choices WE make. I will have you in my thoughts and wish only the best for you. Seek help from someone in your area to work with and learn to control it.

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