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Am I Just Paranoid?


I strongly believe in the paranormal- I have always had an extremely opened mind and accepted or disbanded occurances only after they've been proven true or false; but I don't know about myself.

My whole life I've accepted that I feel things differently than others. My aunt says I'm empathic but she's the only one who has even been willing to help me understand things.

Now some clarification; I'm not saying I'm a medium or a pshcic I'm just saying I've had experienced that I don't know how to put my finger on and I'm tired of people saying I make them up.

The most recent ones started two weeks ago: My boyfriend and I were driving to my home town to pay our car note when this sense of dread washed over me. I brushed it off as my anxiety but it was so singular in my mind and chest that I knew something bad was going to happen. Over the next two weeks the events take place in this order: My little brother breaks his ankle severely enough he may not be able to pay football again, three days mother has a mini stroke, three days after that my father has a heart attack and to end the cable sitcom that is my life I get into my very first car accident ever.

I tried to brush it from my mind until two nights ago when I was sleeping, trying to relax after the worse two weeks of my life when my dream becomes extremely vivid. It's nothing nightmarish but it feels all to real.

It's me in bed waking up to find my boy friend had fallen asleep in the living room. I bring him back into the bedroom where he proceeds to fall asleep with his feet on he pillows; I scream at him to move. When he doesn't, I say his name over and over and over again until I shoot up in my bed and find him not there.

He had fallen asleep in the living room and I did have to bring him to bed.

The last piece of this confusing puzzle was this morning when I was on my way to work I suddenly felt a weight on my shoulders. I shook my head and did some breathing exercises to relax before coming in and finding out one of my coworkers quit and I was chosen to take her office.

I'm not sure if any of these are considered psychic experiences but any insight can help... Any at all.

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Tripox21 (31 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-18)
Hi Classylife,

An empath is someone who can feel the emotions and very much put oneself in others shoes so to speak,
When it comes to spirits I put on a character and its their emotions, I can feel their personality, their body on mine (as if I where them) but not that they entered my body its just what they display about themselves.

Naturally we are all psychic, but we got blocks in our bodies, most of us do, id say do your homework;) do meditation! A lot can rise up and also remove blockages from within, past lives are one of those for ex!

Dreams are a way of our higher being to communicate to ourselves and ofcourse events that has been taking place recently, its mostly all symbolic to us and when we dream its just all strange, yeah dreams can feel very real and it could mean that you needed to remember it so that you could make sense of the dream and what it means, as I said its all symbolic and riddle like but its the way for our souls to process recent events or something about ourselves.

This gut feeling and the stuff that has happened to your close ones, it could be that in a paralell universe this what happened to you now also happened to you on that side, so just a headsup from yourself that something is going to happen, I'm just speculating atm;) but it could just be!

I hope this can be somewhat helpful:)

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