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Am I Really A Medium Or Paranoid?


For starters, ever since I could remember, at least around the age of 6, I would have dreams that would play out with vivid detail then replay themselves the same way the very next day. For example, the only one I could remember was the third one that happened. I had dreamed that I was in a building, high up in the middle of downtown in the city where I live. There were children wandering around aimlessly with bracelets signifying their doctors' names. I was staring out from a window while my mother and her boyfriend at the time were talking about something in the hall while the doctor was speaking to me, asking me if I would like to stay for a little while. The very next day, it happened. The doctor in question was a child psychologist.

Ever since then, the dreams would become much clearer and would happen a few more days apart. And to this day they still do. Clairvoyance, even in brief touches, I can believe I have. But, my friend believes it's a bit more complicated. She thinks I am a medium. I hear things that others can't, see people in place where others don't.

A few years ago, I experienced one of the most horrifying moments of my life. And even now as I retell it I feel my body freeze. I was at a party that my friend was throwing. She was a former wiccan and my other friend still practices to this day. I told them there was something really strange feeling in the woods by her house. She just laughed and said she couldn't feel it. I took one step towards it out of curiosity and I blacked out vision and hearing wise. I couldn't see or hear anything! I just felt like my entire body was absolutely hollow and frozen like nothing would ever make me warm up and I felt so incredibly lonely, like the world had forgotten me. When I came to, I was being held by Jessie, the still practicing one, said I had started speaking about weird things, like where was I, and who was everyone. Turns out later, after that experience that a person had been lost and never found there in those woods.

My question is this, do these events truly mean I am a medium? Or just plain freaky!

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spirits123 (1 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-10)
i think I might be able to help email me at kellymanings [at] my name is brittney
PsychicGirl8296 (1 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2009-10-10)
I think you might have had a vision from the ghost of that person.
Maybe your a little Clairvoyant like me.

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