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Finding My "gift"


New to this site and reading other people's stories has just brightened my spirit in every way possible... My whole life I knew I was feeling, seeing, and thinking differently. I always could picture things happening minute and sometimes seconds before it happened. I could always sense what others felt like physically, without them saying a word, I could sense what a person was like, good, bad, and all in between. My senses are so heightened people think I'm weird. I hear shoe strings and even fingers rubbing together, it hurts my ears. That being said, I hear voices and sounds that aren't there. I can't eat certain foods, not because I don't like the taste, but cause I don't like the feel of it. The ambiance of my house has to be dim and can't go in the sun without shades. That being said, about two years ago I started trying to "Open my third eye" with meditation. Just playing binaural beats while resting. I felt like I already had the gift, just didn't know how to use it. After 6 months of meditation I started experiencing different things. I am at one with nature, plants blossom and grow unbelievably large and beautiful! Children, although always liked me, are drawn to me. I can take any crabby, crying, or colic baby and calm them in seconds. I can sense now not just what people feel but what every living breathing creature feels and wants. Now about a year ago I started seeing death and life. By looking at a woman I can tell she is pregnant, even before she knows. I can tell that a person is going to die by simply looking at them, not all people but most. I also started seeing colors around people along with feeling emotions. I also have seen orbs a few times in my son's room, seen a blue silhouette of a person go from room to room, and heard footsteps and voices a few times. Can anyone on here relate or tell me what is going on with me And what do I do next?

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Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-14)
Some say folks inherit abilities.
Another theory we bring over ability from other life time.

Psychic senses are heightened when awoken by meditation and using binaural beats to name a few. These stimulated the dominate chakras you use.

You might get more insight from reading the Tibetan to Yogas of dream and sleep. It speaks about rigpa-the state of awareness and knowing. It speaks about aiming 24. 7 by practicing peace a conscious knowing we are one. That anger/fear are distractions.
AJDoe (2 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-11)
Thank you! I don't believe anyone else in my family holds these gifts. Penny4U is this something I inherited? If not do you know how one person gets to have a gift while others do not?
Pennies4U (46 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-27)
It sounds as if the 5th chakra where communication/speech/hearing have opened. It is a vital center which
Is a communication doorway of your guide.

You are following your Souls Path. Sensing all unity of the fabric life which is Unity and oneness. The Peace of the Devine. As it proceeds up the 3rd Eye will stay open. It will not trickle from time to time but a view to see and hear mingled with compass. When all cluster has been removed the 3rd Eye shall see and hold the Devine.

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