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I Keep Seeing My End


So since I was about 11 I always had dreams of UFO's and such and I found out I am a starseed and crystal child

My ability's include


Physic ability (mainly foreseeing events, weather, conversations)

Energy manipulation (Hydrokenisis, sending energy from hands)


Ability to have OBE's when I want to

Use of crystals (charging,clearing, reading exct)

Remote viewing

Remote healing

In dreams I also sense peoples emotions and can help by sending energy or talking to the person face to face

Light worker (work on multiple dimensions)

So I have always seen what I believed to be my end purpose, and its set in a dark area with all my loved ones being held by dark energy beings for the purpose of which I believe to be farming of fear energy.

The last thing I do is walk up to them and using my hand project a beam of energy from it at the dark energy's while holding my other hand back and putting a shield around my loved ones. At the same time the dark energy beings project a beam of negative energy at them but it is met by my beam of energy. At the end of this the dark energy's move on but I notice my hand turning black and burning and my whole body burns up and I die.

From the very beginning of me noticing my ability's I always asked how I would die and they never told me except for the fact "i would for a very good reason"... This changed to then "i would die protecting people" and now this has developed and changed into what I am seeing now, this development has taken about 2-3 years to come to this point.

Any input or thoughts:)


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