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I started to think that I was what you call psychic when I was a Sophomore in high school. I started to get what I call bad feelings when me and my friends were out and about. I would tell my friends that we shouldn't go to this place or do things at this time. Sometimes they would heed my warning and everything would be ok, but when we didn't my bad feeling would be correct.

I feel like my abilities are improving with age. I'm 17 now and a senior in high school and I ended having a vision that this girl who I was friends with was in my basement with me and she was crying. This vision was so vivid that I knew exactly what I was wearing which was a green sweatshirt. I was scared that this vision would come true and I was still skeptical that this kind of stuff happened so made a test. In my vision my basement was clean, but at the time it was messy so I decided to keep it messy. One day I come home from work and my basement is clean

A couple weeks later I am hanging out with the girl from my vision and out of the blue I spontaneously decided to change my sweatshirt to my green one (the one from my vision) and that day the vision came to a reality. Everything happened to the letter. From how I was sitting to what I was wearing.

A couple months later I was hanging out with the same girl again and I caught her lying to me and she felt really bad about it. I was about to put my hand on her shoulder and tell her not to worry about it and as I was going to lift my hand she said she felt like someone put their hand on her shoulder but I did not do it yet. And the weird part is she described they way she felt a hand was on her shoulder and it was the exact way I was going to do it.

If anyone could help explain what is going on it would help me tons thanks

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