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When I was little I used to get deja vu all the time, at least once a day. I always shrugged it off and though nothing of it. I remember being 7 years old and my mother went into the store and came back out. She was hiding something in her coat, and she told my sister and me that we would get the gift if we could guess what it was. At that moment I could see what it was. A movie. And I could see the name. I had never seen the movie and never saw anything about it on the tv or anything. So I guessed what my mind showed me and I was correct. Everyone was shocked when I had guessed it right. When I turned 13 I was friends with this one girl and one night I went to sleep. I had a dream about her house burning down and woke up in a sweat. I again shrugged it off and went back to sleep. Next day, she wasn't at school and the teachers told the class that her house caught on fire. I was shocked. Things like that would happen, but about different people. Dreams that somehow would come true in one way or another. When I got a little older I was able to sense the phone ring before it did, and knew who it was. I ended up marrying at a young age and my husband cheated several times, I always felt uneasy and one morning on my 19th birthday I woke up and just could sense he had been texted by the girl. I wanted to look but was terrified he would wake up. When he did, I blurted out she had texted and surely she did. The girl never texted him, because she knew about me and that we were married. It happened several times. I would go weeks without sensing anything, but then she would write to him on facebook or e-mail and I would sense it. So I would check them, and surely they had been talking, but the days I sensed something would be the days she would tell him she loved him or planned to meet up. Very frustrating time for me. I am 22 years old now and I am currently in a long distance relationship. Just the other day I felt something wrong. He broke up with me, at least his friend told me was. I cried all night, but I had a dream about him being nice to me and acting like nothing was wrong. Surely the next morning, that's what happened. There was a misunderstanding. I am happy we are not broken up and happier than ever. I feel strange when I am able to tell when I am being lied to or know when the person is sad even over the computer or text. I don't know if I truly believe in being psychic, but all these weird things keep happening to me. Being able to sense things and seeing things in my dreams is scary to me. I don't understand these things at all.

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PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
11 years ago (2012-12-31)
Both of you deserves whatever good feedback you may be receiving from this site. As psychic,well,we really go through a lot.Some,a HELL lot.😆 But how we take it all in stride as it all comes... I guess it's what makes or breaks the fate of our spiritual sides and gifts. ❤
And yep,you're welcome.Anytime,anywhere,anyone.😆
Dgrote (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-28)
Hi there, my name is Debbie and been reading all three of your storys. The reason I came looking in the first place is I'm living your lives. However, I'm not the one with the abilities or gifts. My husband is. We have been together from the time he was only 19 and he is now turning 38. The man has been doing amazing and crazy things just like the ones you all speak of. The only difference is I'm the one he always knows when I was thinking of things that made him feel uncomfortable or that he just plain didn't like. What was worse is when he got that feeling of me just doing something I wasn't suppose to be doing. Ie... I gamble. Feeling like I can't have my own thoughts and feelings without him knowing was at first a huge problem in our relationship ever since I can remember. I remember thinking when we first starting dateing and he had done something that utteraly astonished me, that at that moment I wasn't sure if or how I was going to be able to be with a person whom I felt was able to feel my feelings and know things about me when I really didn't want him knowing. I must admit, I have since gotten use to it but still find myself amazed everytime he does it and its getting harder to convince him he is wrong when I'm doing something I'm not suppose to like gamble, even though I so baldly want him to believe he is wrong. Although in my mind I both know and sometimes hate the fact that hes right again. I guess my question for all of you would be this. First, I want him to know that he indeed has some sort of gift and that I want him to work on the gift and study and learn better ways to exercise his gifts. There are so many good and noble work he can do with his brother whom works for the police department and who knows, the sky may be the limit. Perhaps he will be able to help people that are going through incrediable grief that he can heal in an instant. I can't tell you how bad I could have used that when we lost one of our beloved pets Mia less than an year ago. I can't even begin to tell you the crazy things I did to convince myself she wasn't really dead. But even though I knew in my mind it was as if my mind refused to allow me to accept the reality based on the state of mind I was in at the time. Please if you have any advice how to broach the subject I would appreciate any and all things you could give me. The tricks going to be telling him hes been right for the last 18 years (everytime) he had a bad feeling. Dont think that's going to go over well but I know that this part of my life is over and its time to get to the things that really mean something. Helping other poeple. Thank you all for sharing your storys and may you always be blessed. Please excuse any punctuation, spelling and grammer. Never have been my strengths.
kurayami646 (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2012-12-20)
Thank you for replying. I have always been confused about the abilities I posses, but I have never regretted having them. They have really helped me through the hard times. I never knew if I could help progress and honestly I would like to, but at the same time I am scared. Seeing things in my dreams have calmed down, because I have taught myself how to change my dreams as I see fit, but it seems even without trying, knowing how others feel and sensing something bad just keeps getting stronger. My dreams used to scare me and after a while I would see people I care about dying. I would wake up screaming. Finally, I guess the trauma took its toll on me and my mind helped me wake up inside my dreams. Because of that, I haven't had any dreams that came true for a couple years. But before that, it would happen a couple times a month. The first was my friends house catching on fire. After that it happened up until I was 18. I was pregnant and was at risk of losing my daughter because of all the trauma I saw. I don't miss that ability much, because it scared me more than anything, but being able to tell what people feel, sometimes think and when bad things are going to happen, it is a nice ability to have. I would like to strengthen those. Also, since I have been getting older and these feelings keep getting stronger, I am sometimes able to tell what is going to happen. But when that happens I run through many scenarios in my head and the one that gives my heart pain is usually the one that ends up coming true. Honestly, I have never told a soul about any of this. I feel happy being able to explain it and get feedback instead of people calling me crazy. For that, I thank you.
PatrixieKuchiki (guest)
11 years ago (2012-12-19)
Somehow,you remind me of how I used to be when I first got a firm grip on how things have been going on. With your story, I don't know but I feel like I'm looking at an old mirror of mine.😊
But I guess mine is now a new mirror. No one said it would be easy, but I AM working on making it as new as possible. And honestly, I do think you could do the same, given that the choice you would make is a "yes".
Your case isn't new and this site is no longer a stranger to the "Am I Psychic Or Just Plain Nutso" kind of stories. And with how I dealt with the others before, I would like you to know that before jumping into things you should make A CHOICE FIRST. By that, I am questioning you:WOULD YOU KEEP THESE ABILITIES OF YOURS OR WANT THEM TO BE SHUT OFF?
Since I'm also being honest here, based on your experiences I already knew right away that you ARE psychic. I don't need anymore confirmation, and neither do you, I think. I could sense you are now having a hard time believing it, yet may it be believed in or not, the Truth is the Truth, and the Universal Knowledge that serves as the beginning and the ending.
In simpler words, even if you disbelieve it, the truth would still be there. And the truth is, you do have psychic abilities such as precognition, not to mention a strong intuitive sense.
Actually,you displayed clearer signs of being psychic already at first compared to mine. My abilities are just like that of a budding flower, but with time, it can be learned and accepted.
May you choose wisely. And whatever choice you would make, I hope that you will make the best out of it. And yes, I am also hoping to hear more from you.
Light and Love.😁

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