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I apologize if this is long. I've been experiencing things since I was a small child. It continues to get stronger (Or worse, in my opinion) the older I grow. I would really like to find out what it is I'm dealing with and how to control it. Since I was little I have had pretty bad night terrors. They were always linked to seeing things I never wanted to see. Things that threatened me. Along with that, I could also tell someones movement. For example: My aunt called my mother once, they had asked me what exactly I thought my aunt was doing. I answered that she had been drinking coffee and doing something else (I don't remember what the other thing was, I was only 2/3). My mother had laughed it off, saying those were things my aunt would never do. It turned out she had been doing exactly what I said. Another example was once my sister had been thinking about getting the hair brush. I got up, knowing she wanted it without speaking, and handed it to her. My mother said she had freaked out about that.

When my mother was pregnant with me, she almost miscarried. Her, and her doctors apparently were sure she was going to lose me. Obviously, they did not. I believe when I was two, I told my mom that I had ripped out the baby that was in her stomach, and jumped in because I wanted to be born to them. My mom had never mentioned the almost miscarriage to me until I was much older, so she found that an extremely peculiar and detailed thing for a toddler to say, out of the blue. I was always a very scared child due to the fact I was constantly seeing things. I had seen several apparitions walk into my closet as a toddler. Some of which that scared me to no end, and others of which I found comfort in. I used to have these dreams, where I was talking to my grandpa. Who died before I was born. I had never seen a photo of him. Not until a few months ago when I explained this to my parents. I told them what he looked like, and my dad pulled out a photo of him. IT was the same man. It would start as any call to my grandma, but she would direct the phone to him, and we would talk. I could see him. Eventually one day he told me it was time to go, and we could no longer speak. This was the last time I had seen or heard anything. I stopped seeing the weird figures, I wasn't scared, I felt normal.

A few years ago it all popped back up again. We moved into an apartment that I did not like. In there I had began to develop feelings that I wasn't actually feeling. For example at times I could feel anger, so much of it, but I knew it wasn't my own. (I'm sorry if that doesn't make sense. I don't know how to explain it very well, the feeling that is.) I just knew these feelings didn't come from my own body. I could always here footsteps on the ceilining (We lived on the top floor.) My parents brushed it off as birds on the roof. I tried to believe it, but I couldn't. Around this time was when my dreams started striking up. I noticed I'd have these realistic dreams, and sometime later they would somewhat come true. Just bits and pieces. There were some off things that happened. I heard my name being called several times. I would ignore it. Once, I heard it so loud, so clear that it startled me and I ended up breaking/jamming my thumb in the process of trying to get away. I was 12. A little after I turned 13 my parents left me home alone while they went to work. I had begged and pleaded hat I didn't want to be there. Not alone that is. Of course I was told to get over it. Later that day I had been going to sit down with hot chocolate and the blinds/bathroom door began to shake rapidly. I ran to my neighbors in tears. That was, of course, blamed on wind and left alone. We moved again, and things stopped. For a good year I didn't experience anything. Not dreams or ghosts, or feelings. I felt so safe in my house. I got in a relationship with this guy when I was 15. Things started again. Someone was hit and killed outside my house. I could feel this energy that I couldn't explain. But it went away hours later, as the body had finally been picked up. I told my mom, and I remember her saying she could feel it too. My mom has had some of the experiences I've had. With seeing and feeling things. I feel like she refuses to speak about it, out of fear. She still to this day tries to brush everything off. Anyway some new things started up too. I knew when my ex, and others where lying. I wasn't given the truth, but I had a dead gut feeling that they were lying. Even if it was something as small as "I don't like peanuts" I just knew. Of course, they were indeed lies. The dreams happened too. More frequent than ever. I would dream of something, and it would happen. Extremely soon, too. Deja-vu had become an everyday feeling. Eventually these things got so strong I was vividly hearing and seeing things in my sleep that were happening that day, or that night. For example, I had a dream my Ex had come to my city (Long distance) but didn't tell me, and never intended on. A few days later he had lied about where he was going, and did in fact come to my city. I also had several very detailed dreams on him cheating. Which in fact, happened exactly like it did in my dreams. Right down to the clothes, decor, place, etc. I never had any suspicions that he was cheating. I was under the impression I was his everything. Which was why I always ignored the countless dreams about being told to leave him. I feel like all of these were warnings. We eventually broke up, but things didn't stop. I was still having vivid dreams of things about to happen. While awake, I would have "gut feelings" about things about to happen. They always did. It was like I just imagined it, it was just a thought. Not a picture. For example, knowing when I'm about to get a text. If i'm not too distracted, I always get a feeling to look at it my phone. It's why I keep my phone on silent. My head is my own ringtone. I found this to be coincidences until once night a friend texted me in the middle of the night. I had been passed out. I woke up out of no where and grabbed my phone just as I got a text. It was from a friend in need. I remember being asleep and feeling a pull in my sleep. It's like when your parents try to pull you up and out of bed to wake you. Like I was being told to get up and answer. That I had to. That still occurs to this day. Now, some things very recently have been happening. I'm not entirely sure, but I think I can feel peoples emotions. When someone is happy, I feel it too. When someone is angry or annoyed I just feel it radiate off of them. It's like smelling someones perfume radiate near you. Except with feelings, not smells. Does that make any sense? I'm getting good at judging people. (I know how horrible that sounds but I don't mean it as in judging what they look like.) I get these good and bad feelings around other people. Almost instantly I know. Like I know if it's good to be around them, or if they're not good news. Same with places, and things. These past few months I've been dealing with a lot of anxiety. I don't know what it's coming from. I'm usually never too stressed about school or boys, specially because the person I'm currently with is very understanding, and I know is a good person. I always get it extremely bad in my shower. I'll be standing there washing my hair singing, or something, and suddenly it will hit me like a brick. I feel very ill, unable to breathe, extremely weak and shaky. This only happens in the shower. It stops when I get out and away from my bathroom. Another thing is, now this is very hard to explain, but I understand things before people tell me. Like, about their past and relations. I don't have proof, I just kind of know? I just become really weirded out when they finally speak of what I already know, and confirm my "guesses" I suppose you can call them. I've spoken with a couple people about this, and they don't seem to think it's quite normal. If anyone has any suggestions about what's going on, if it's just coincidence or something more I'd appreciate it. I don't mean to sounds silly or insane. I'm sorry if I haven't explained things quite right, either. If it is something, are there ways to just shut it all off? It all gets so over whelming that I can't handle it most times. I feel drained a lot due to all of this. Thank you.

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City_Lights (2 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-30)
Also, I don't know if age has anything to do with all this new stuff really starting to occur, but I'm currently 16 years of age. I'll be 17 at the end of this year. All this has mainly stirred up over the past year and a half, but it's come across every few years throughout my childhood.
City_Lights (2 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2013-04-30)
Oh my goodness I'm so sorry for replying so late to both of you!
Lightworkerhealer, if you would like to link me I could possibly add you, if not I have a tumblr and a twitter, also.:)

Dreamer, I'm claustrophobic, it get's worse over the years. When I attend concerts I keep counting to 5 over and over again to keep myself calm. Being in small spaces, or just the thought scares me half to death. My boyfriend's bed is pushed against the wall, and even he knows that most of the time I have to be on the outside, away from the wall. Or if I am on the inside, I have to feel like I have room to escape.

Lately it's all been under control, actually. I haven't felt any of it as much, the emotions the is. But I do get extreme "vibes" from people. For instance, that concert I attended two weeks ago, I was about a few feet away from a band member, of which I idolized so much, first time seeing him in person, and I get such a sickening feeling from him. I thought everything about him was just wrong, out of no where. I couldn't even /look/ at him. I felt like I could throw up if he even glanced in my direction. I don't know what all that was about.
And recently, Sunday, actually, I was extremly tired and ended up sort of dozing off next to my boyfriend. I wasn't really sleeping though, I was completely aware of everything around me, in a weird way. Everything was white, or just a really light kind of color, it was peaceful really. I'd never been so relaxed. But then I think, I'm almost positive I started to hear a voice. Every time I heard it my mind thought "Yes that's it I'm finally hearing it" (I have no clue why I was even thinking that) it would stop, and I would try looking for it again, almost in a frantic why. Like as if I needed to hear that voice again. So once I'd hear it again i'd become relieved. It started to come in more clearly until my boyfriend moved and it startled me awake. I can't tell if perhaps this was just entering a dream slowly, or if I was really hearing something!
I've also been creeping my boyfriend out lately by answering something he intended to ask, but had never actually spoke of it. We were playing minecraft, and he went to tell me something and I answered a "yes" and something else (I forgot) but I remember his face was priceless.
Also, do either of you have nightmares? I still get these horrific ones. They're mainly about natural disasters. Plane crashes, people dying, things or creatures chasing people. I haven't exactly watched or read much that would provoke this.
Another thing, I get these feelings. One night while my boyfriend was dropping me off, I had this over whelming feeling that something bad was going to happen, I couldn't shake it. I had told him, and he shrugged it off. Everything felt really wrong. About an hour and a half later my boyfriend crashed his car! It wasn't too bad, but he backed up and put in a really big dent, which made him feel really bad. After, that, the feeling went away.

A few weeks ago, I had another sudden feeling, and, the best way to explain was, it felt like death. I felt pain, and sadness, like people had died, it was weird and it freaked me out mostly because my mom was on her way home, so of course I started to worry about her. I instantly thought about a car and it being crashed. I was relieved when she pulled up not long after. Not more than a few minutes later it was all over the news that a large group of people had been inured/killed inside a food place not too far from me. A car drove into the place, and actually /crushed/ people under the car, and while watching it I felt all of the same pain I felt earlier come back to life.
I don't know if this is coincidence, but I found it pretty neat!
dreamer13099 (5 stories) (40 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-21)
You sound like a strong empath. Don't worry though, I am an empath as well and have been since a young age. Do you constantly feel as if you are feeling emotions that are not your own? Are you chlostrophobic or don't like crowds? Those ar some of the main signs of empathy. THe problem is, is that there is no way to overcome it. At least not accurate ways. I have heard of balancing your emotions, but have found the results to be negetive. You can do research to find out more about your abilities. I hope this sort of helps. I have a lot of other abilities but coping with my empathy has been one of the hardest by far. Good Luck! If you have any questions I will try my best to help you!
lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (56 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-21)
Helping you was a pleasure City Lights. And I am glad I found someone like me. Whats your real name on Facebook, I want to add someone like me on my friend list. If you are comfortable then only shall you tell me your name if you are not then also its fine. Best of luck on your psychic journey. And here is my one of the favourite quote "if you are so irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?" ❤ 😊
City_Lights (2 stories) (6 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-20)
Oh my goodness it is hell! Anger is always the worse for me to handle. It's the strongest emotion I can feel and it's enough to send me into a nervous wreck! Do you mean feeling it over the phone with someone? Not entirely. There's a few times that I have, but it's extremely rare. It normally only occurs when I'm in range of a person. Do you ever feel like those dreams mainly occur when it has something to do with your own, or someone closes' well being? That's mainly when I get mine. When an important event is going to happen soon, I'll dream of it.
That actually makes so much sense, the more I look into those. When I was younger, I remember this old man I used to see everyday always kept asking me if I could still see his "Aura", but to this day I can't remember it, seeing it... I just remember laughing and saying yes. I'll definitely look up those things. If it helps I'll definitely be doing them. Even if it allows me to be slightly less over-whelmed. Thank you so much for the help! ❤
lightworkerhealer (1 stories) (56 posts)
10 years ago (2013-03-20)
City lights I am a lot like you. I know when someone calls me most of the time not always. And about feeling others energy, I also feel the energy radiating from people and when the energy radiating is negative then its like hell. Isnt it? I wanted to ask you whether you can feel the vibes coming from mobiles? Because I can and its not good. And the thing about judging people. I won't call it judging people but maybe it is reading people and maybe energy radiating from people is aura. I don't see aura but feel it. And I am also good in reading people:). I think you are a clairsentient (it means a person who feels things, who is very sensitive and an empath). I also sometimes get precognitive dreams. And you feel drained off because maybe you are around negative people a lot or because maybe you don't dispose the residual emotions you absorb from your surroundings. You should do grounding and shielding every. And why do you want to switch it off? Even if you switched it off then all the emotions around you will be absorbed by you and you won't feel it and it may harm you mentally as well as physically. In starting it might feel like curse I know this because I have also suffered through it but if you meditate, sheild and ground yourself daily then it feels like blessing. Read the article about psychic powers on this site (about clairsentience). Also read "coping with being an empath". Hope this helps. ❤ 😊

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