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Toddler Ghost Sighting


First, I am of a psychic family, where the women for at least six generations have been able to predict, foretell, feel and see future events and ghosts. I see ghosts all the time, I also am able to perceptive colors emanating from my loved ones. When we first moved into this new home of ours last summer, I felt a very friendly presence, but couldn't find records of any hauntings because the house was built in 1991 and all the previous owners are still living. Coming downstairs in the hallway that connects our dining room to family room, I would feel a very welcoming and calm presence, almost happy. At night, the presence stays the same, but I see more of colors (white, purplish) from the presence, but whatever it is in the house is friendly.

The other afternoon I was eating lunch with my two year old daughter in the kitchen when she said "Ghost," clear as day and was looking up at the lemon tree outside our window. I said to her "Air conditioning," because the heat in the house had made the automatic air conditioning just come on. But she repeated and said "Ghost," clear as day, again. Now, I know that two year olds are in the process of acquiring language, but I haven't taught the word "ghost" to her at all, neither has her father. I am now wondering if my daughter has the ability to see ghosts, and am very curious to ask her what she see's, but she is still developing her language skills, so I understand that it may be awhile before I have further clarification from her. I told my husband about what my daughter said, and he thought she was trying to say "Go," but I know that's not what she said.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is this normal for two year olds to see ghosts and sense paranormal activity?

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-22)
colors23 if she comes from your genetic line, most
Likely she see's.

If you look at a new born, their eyes do not focus as
An adult, but they see images and colors.
They have the natural ability to see aura's, and energy that comes from a human. People always see babies laughing as if speaking to someone not there, they are quite attuned to the world they came from.
The world our deceased loved ones go to.

For my husband saw spirits as a toddler, plus auras around animals and people. His first encounter was
One of his great grand father and he could not speak sentences, just cry and point. For my youngest she saw energy and would smile alot, but at 6 years old she saw angels intervene with us 2 times and would go into mini trances, stand completely still, but had full consciousness of whom she spoke to.

With my daughter I supported her with prayer and asking her what she was seeing, what occured and love with reinforcement that it is normal. All the while checking and sensing within myself all was ok.
My eldest was like me, felt and sensed, but eyes opened when in teens. So each child will be different.

My granddaughter was interacting with family that passed, but as she started walking she became aware and afraid.
chillz (7 stories) (19 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-21)
Very possible! Children are more open than most adults to paranormal. The fact she knows the word ghost, and if you can't think of how else she might know that word, maybe there has been a discussion between the two. My two year old knows ghost but only because of the MJ song. Watch for imaginary friends and fear of being alone or in dark rooms. If you believe after awhile that she has these abilities teach her how to use them. Lucky baby to have parents who don't discourage or shun from her abilities!

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