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My Life As I Live It


Keeping this as short as I can I will highlight. As a child I was very sick and nights were very bad, but I was not alone for people were there all night with me. I could sense them and see shadows and would be afraid every night knowing they would come.

In the hospital there was a code call for crash cart. I stepped into a room to say a prayer. While saying my prayer one of the walls turned dark but in the middle was an outline of a face, bright white. The voice said, "I have heard you and he is with me." I ran out scared to death to later learn that the person had passed.

I was very sick in the hospital and going to have surgery the next morning. During the night I woke to a man sitting in a chair at the end of my bed. He spoke mind to mind and said I am here to tell you that you are not to have surgery and that you will be all right and I refused to have it and was fine.

My son born was born but doing very badly. A young nurse came in asked me to trust him to her. I did for she had a glow over her. I should say they wanted to send my son to larger hospital but I said no. This young nurse stayed in the room with my son until the day came when she was able to place him in my arms.

Then my daughter was born and things again were again very wrong. I could hear them saying they were losing me but I could not respond in any way. I was then going down a long dark tunnel, screamed within myself for God not to take me for my son needed me. I was shot back so fast that there is nothing I can compare it to. When I opened my eyes I looked into the face of a man and thought this is what an Angel looks like, how beautiful. I was not able to thank this person for no one knew who he was, but I do for I looked into the face of an Angel.

I also have dreams that come true and dreams that warn me of something bad to come. Sometimes I pick up what people are thinking but not all the time and have no control over it. I don't really understand what I have just know it has been with me all my life.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-27)
You have the protection of God and His Angels. Try not to lose it! God bless.+

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