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An Experience Confirmed


Lately I've been trying to figure why I'm having and have had so many experiences. In the past 13 years I've had close to roughly 40 real solid experiences that I can't explain away. I am by nature a logical, scientifically minded guy. Plus my personality isn't that of most people who are psychic or sensitive. I won't lie I can be kind of jerk. I don't take pride in that but I do own it.

Anyway today I did some research at the local library, and I was able to find the obituary for a deceased judge I saw in a cemetery 8 years ago. A cemetery I had only briefly driven through once. The info I obtained matched him well. He was in fact a judge, older, and his name was in fact Thompson, all things I picked up when I encountered him 8 years ago. I'm still kind of in awe. I thought maybe I was imaging everything but apparently there is something else going on. The only time I had been in the cemetery before this experience I wasn't any where near his grave. So I've ruled out recalling him name from memory. I don't really know what to do now that I confirmed everything. I also have no idea what he wants. Any comments or suggestions would be more then welcome. This is only my second post on here and in all truth I haven't delved to deep into this area of my life. I'm actually not sure if I should explore it to much. It seems like the more I research the paranormal the more experiences I have, which makes sense. On the plus side I haven't seen the shadowy apparition hardly at all since I posted my first experience on here.

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