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A couple days ago I posted up a story called my psychic family. I kept on thinking of all the things I had predicted and seen that I knew would happen before they did. I got together with my family and started talking to them about it. I started with my brother and I told him I knew he had dreams and that I had feelings and that I felt like someone close to us was going to have something bad happen to them. His look changed completely when I told him, I know he knew who I was talking about but he didn't say anything but then my sister started crying and told me "Is it my dad " and I said yes how did you know? She told me she had a dream where she saw all of us crying and it was for my dad. I talked to my mom about it and she told me she had a friend who had a lot of abilities from premonitions to reading peoples minds and she talked about being able to see peoples colors?

When my mom mentioned her name she I knew who she was, I had dreamt her before I told her how she looked and she said that was her and I told her I had dreamt her before. She told me she's trying to tell me something. Now that me and my family know it's not just us going crazy or thinking we have an active imagination what can we do? How can I find out more of how to use my abilities and trust them how can I tell from regular feelings and thoughts to premonitions? How can I explain to my little sister what she's feeling and going through is normal? Will our abilities get stronger now that we all figured out we have them?

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isisevangeline (3 stories) (172 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-16)
You are lucky, you have your family to support each other what your going through. The best thing is to look up books your instincts tell you to and seek advice possibly from your mother's friend. Who knows some things. Also test our your own abilities by theory.
You have each other so don't worry.
There are always other who could give you small advices too.
lightprincess (6 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-14)
Just wanted to also say, that there would not be any point on going on the journey of life if it could be resched in one step. Enjoy the steps you take, you have been chosen to help others. First oof all help yourself and build up your spiritual awareness in your telepathy which I believe you have. Tarot would be good for you but it can take many years to become advanced in this and once your awrae to the meanings of the tarot and your own pack which only you can touch, as it holds a bond with you, you will instinctively learn new meanings to it and create new spreads. Try reasearch on enhancing cumunicating with your guardian angel. Avoid mediumship your not ready and it might scare you. Remember every step is a part of who you are, enjoy it and learn as much as you can, then the student becomes the teacher, you see, like me xx
lightprincess (6 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-14)
First of all calm down! They are so common and not at all rare. Lots of people just do not admit to it. Yes it can get stronger and it won't happen straight away, it is a process of learning. Once you have learned in your self how to tell the difference between a message and a wish or imagination then you are qualified to start helping others. This gift costs you nothing so you should not use it for gain, you have been chosen to help others not exploit in anyway fo money which you see many do. I find that the more you respect your gify and yourself the better you feel and it does inhance it self when you are ready, now this could be years so don't get carried away, have faith and learn to trust your deep deep instincts. Focus on what you are recieving and what you are making up. If you try too hard your ego takes over and you will find yourself not able to do it, let it happen natuarally you will get there hun, just calm and focus on bein good and keep everything in your life in balance and you will get the answers your looking for when the divine time is right. Try tarot cards and get to know them or angel cards it may help strengthen your gift. Do not abuse it. Good luck x

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