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Dreams, Nightmares Or A Warning?


A few months ago maybe a year ago, I had a few dreams. One night I dreamed that one of my teeth fell out. It was a weird dream. The next day, when I woke up, I thought about it but didn't really pay attention to it.

Suddenly the next day a woman died. I knew her but I never talked to her. I was living in NY and she wasn't even living in the USA she just lived next to my granny's house; that's all.

Then a couple of weeks later I had this horrible dream, more like a nightmare. One of my teeth fell out, but I was bleeding. It was just so strange that it woke me up. Usually when I have nightmares, I wake up and my legs hurt and I get really scared and think about it for a while.

Indeed the next day my mom got a phone call, my aunt called her telling her that my uncle was dead. Someone killed him.

Thinking about it the second nightmare was even more scary, more painful it even woke me up. So it just fits the situation I guess.

Now every day or every night I'm scared I might have a dream like this, but then again it's good to know that I haven't dreamed of anything like this in a while. Luckily.

What do you guys think? Has this ever happened to anyone else? Does that mean I can have a special gift or something?

Thanks a lot.

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quidam009 (1 stories) (2 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-24)
Awesome guys... Thanks for helping me and sharing your stories with me.

Yes now a days everone wants to have a special gift and I think its something really cool but not everyone can have it, it takes a very special person with an awesome soul to understand what that is all about, but I was really curious I mean those dreams are scary and I have come to realize that dreams are soo important, its like our life but in dreams.

All the emotions, all the risks that we want to take, our hopes and what we want are what dreams are.

Its awesome to know that there's more than the "normal" stuff in this world and that there's another door behind the truth.
Once again thank you guys.
Jaky (5 stories) (8 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-24)
I don't believe your experience to count as a special gift. I for example have dreams which come true, but they are exactly what happens. It's like I live part of somedays before they happen, and then they get repeated. Sometimes I dream of more serious things. I also think everyone has a gift. They just have to learn to work with it. I hoped I help.
Pinkyrose144 (1 stories) (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-21)
Ok well Once I made a Dream about Tornados and that there was Tornados everywhere around us like more then one destroying my town. When I woke up went upstairs and then my mom was watching the news and the next thing I was sure about was that there was going to be news on tornados that destroyed a village or Town or something like that and I was Right because there it was on the news previews and pictures of a Hole village that got destroyed by tornados and Then I told myself WoW pretty cool I knew it before it happened but pretty scary too, also why did it show me that it was going happening if I couldn't do anything about it.
tigga (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-19)
I'm not really sure but I know my mum has dreams about her teeth falling out, I wonder if some one has died after he had those dreams. She has had dreams that came true as well.
JacquieC (1 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-18)
I believe I possess a gift to see into the future.

First off I should say that I've noticed my dreams coming true now for about 15 years. Also my first childhood memory was when I was approximately 5 months of age. I know, I know, it's really hard to believe if this type of memory hasn't happened to you but it's factual and I have my parents who were there at the time confirming it for me.

Back to my dreams. I will give you 2 examples.

First Dream: I was in a hotel, getting off at my floor just coming out of the elevator. The hall was bright, with carpet on the floors and loads of rooms on either side. When I looked down the hall, I could see paramedics rolling out a gurny which has a white sheet covering someone who has just passed away. The feet of the person were sticking out and I had then recognised those feet to be my fathers. I approached the gurny and turned back the white sheet and my father was there. He got up quickly, told me he loved me and then died again. I remember the feeling of being thankful for being able to say goodbye. I then called my dad the next day and told him about my dream. He knows how my dreams come true and said "oh no, what hotel was it". I laughed and assured him he was not going to die, as that wasn't the feeling I had gotten from my dream.
NOW --- Fast forward 2 weeks. I just bought a a labrador retriever puppy. Was out on one of our midnight walks before bed and like usual, I raced her to the house. Accept she ran between my legs and my foot trampled her. I could tell it was serious by the way she wasn't moving and by the way she was breathing it was serious. Located and found a 24 hr vet hospital and take her in. They told me "good news, no broken bones" I was relieved, however she did have some fluid in the lungs. Make a long story short, the vet called next day and my pup didn't make it. I was mortified and grief stricken, mostly because it was "I" who had trampled her, albeit accidently. I got the the vet hosp to find out what I do next, in tears, and the vet urged me to please look at her and say bye. I was initially taken aback and I thought it would be hard to do, but did it reluctantly. What did I see when I went to where they had my puppy. A gurny with a white sheet covering her. I was able to say bye and the vet was right. It helped to solidify her death and made it a reality. Seeing her cold and lifeless made me realise she was really gone. I'm guessing the feet in the dream was letting me know to watch my step. But eveyrhitn else was pretty much bang on. My dreams are usually symbolic more than anything.

I guess I will spare you all from reading my second dream as this one took longer than I'd hoped.

Question is: If there are any psychic's who can lend a helping hand. Will my dreams ever tell me something better, like how to help someone? I can tell which of my dreams are going to come true. They're always methodical and something serious to make me remember. IE: my dad's death. I guess I couldn't have dreamt about my puppy as I didn't even own it yet. So I Always tell peopple my dream when I dream it, so when it comes true I don't look like a FREAK!

Thanks for having patience with this long winded note.
Take Care
PsychicHecate (14 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-16)
If you dream had been about someone actually dying in your dream, then depending on what you dreamed it may or could have been related to a psychic ability. But, your dream of teeth falling out has in my opinion nothing whatsoever to do with psychic abilities or experiences.

Your dreams where not about the people who died, there was nothing in what you said you dream was in anyway related to a precognitive or premonition experience. So, no in my personal opinion your dream was not a psychic experience or a glint of psychic ability.

Everybody dreams every night its how you get to deep sleep. Its also how a person works through the problems that happen in their every day life. Not every dream or even one dream that the majority of people has can be put down to psychic dreaming, precognitive dreaming. It would be a 'wow' factor if that was actually the case that every dream a person had or even one dream a night from each person was a precognitive dream. But, that's now how things are and it's not how psychic experiences are for the majority of people in the world.

With the growing interest and popularity of the paranormal and psychic abilities, it understandable with the growing interest that people want to be involved and have a story to tell of their own psychic or paranormal experiences.

But people have to realise that feeling sensitive or over sensitive about a situation doesn't mean a person is empathic, or if you seen a ghost a few times doesn't make a person clairvoyant or a medium.

If a person can see and communicate with that ghost, and have them communicate back to them. Then take the information the ghost gives them and can get the information validated then that is clairvoyance.

Its one thing to think you have psychic abilities or experiences, the reality is that without physical proof of those abilities what you think or say doesn't matter. It's only fantasy unless you have solid proof of those psychic or paranormal experience or psychic ability and that is the truth.

So, in a long winded way I just want to say that not every single thing is a psychic experience, a paranormal experience or something that means or makes you think your psychic or have psychic abilities. In the sceptical world we live in, its all about facts not fantasy fiction, and physical proof not just words.

Sorry, if this rains on anyone's parade, but its the truth. It's what I have learned about the psychic and paranormal over the 22 years I have been doing psychic and medium readings, and what I have learned since the age of 4 when I first became aware I was precognitive.:)

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