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Is This Real? Or A Fluke?


My name is Sean. All my life I have hoped I had some ability of some sort. Some things have happened to me but I am still unsure of it at times. What I am asking is if someone could possibly tell me if I do have any abilities or maybe a touch of one.

The first thing I can remember is when I was little. I was outside playing with my friend when a neighborhood kid that I didn't really like came along and basically took my friend away from me. He was showing my friend his new Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. I became really jealous and angry that he was taking all the attention. All of a sudden it began to rain. I hadn't seen any clouds that day, so it came to me as a surprise. We all ran onto my porch but the one kid didn't get up in time before all his cards were wet. The rain stopped within 5 minutes, and the clouds faded fast. This experience still baffles me today.

Another experience still happens to me today. When I was in first grade my friends and I would stand on the benches during recess and wave our arms in the air trying to call for the wind. Well, my friends couldn't do anything, but sometimes the leaves on the ground pick up and do a bit of a swirl as if they were caught in a mini-tornado only when I would do it. Today sometimes I feel I can call the wind. When it's not a windy day at all, sometimes I can wish a breeze to come. But when it is a VERY windy day, sometimes I can wish for winds that are extremely powerful. This may be coincidence, I really don't know.

Not only have I showed some command over weather, but some of my dreams have come true. I can't think of a particular dream except this one that I had about my mom. My mother told me that if you have a dream about someone that you know that dies, someone close to that person will have a baby. Or maybe it was just someone will have a baby, I'm not sure. I had a dream that my mother died, and as soon as I woke up I called her. After I told her that she told me that oddly enough, one of her co-workers found out she was pregnant that day.

I have also thought that I might have some telepathic bonds with my mother. Either that or we just think alike. When I think of something that my mother forgot, she remembers it most of the time almost right after I remember. Also, sometimes when I am thinking of something or she is thinking of something, the one not thinking of it will suddenly talk about it. I have also had this experience with other people, but it occurs mostly with my mom.

As of now that is all the experiences I can think of, please tell me your opinions. I would really like to know if I have any particular gifts.

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Rhea31 (1 stories) (17 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-19)
Dear Sean,

If you want my honest opinion, I do believe that you may be a natural Witch (which is absolutely not a bad thing at all). I'm not sure how old you are, but if you're still in your teens or you are just very in tune with the world around us and are starting to grasp the true Magick (or Magic) in the world and yourself.

Just out of curiosity, you havn't by any chance studied into the Pagan/Wiccan sirituality/religion have you? I ask because I myself am a Wiccan (very open about it and proud of it) and since you seem soo in tune with the universe and interested in the elements, you seem like you either have blood relatives that follow that path or you follow the path. If not I hope I didn't offend.

But yes, I do believe you may have either telekinesis or a connection to one of the blessed 5 elements (spirit,earth,air,fire,water).

And the telepathic obilities, I do have to wonder if it's just that you and your mother are close, that you can be so connected to her thoughts. But then again it may just be premature.

My advise would be to try and excersize these abilaties (gifts) daily. Try to work with them as much as possible and begin to try controling them and expending them. Any questions, feel free to ask as many as you'd like. I'll try to be as helpful as possible.

Sending love and light to all!
Blessed be,
-Hannah / Rhea
lightprincess (6 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-14)
Hi there, I think it is a coincedence the control with the weather all tho it can be done. As for the telepathy with your mother well, I think you are really connected to each others auras. It would be the type of situation were you could learn to practise communicaton known as esp from another room with your mind, if your mum agrees to spending time developing this all though it can be very time consuming. The dream about if someone dies, well them stories change per place you live over here it means, they will have a long life or possibly an omen. My personnel beliefs is that it means in some way that person is going to have a new phase in life, a cmplete turn around i.e separation from a partner or just a different approach in doing things to a new job, basically that the next few months a head that persons old way of living will be different. It's simialiar to pulling the death card in the tarot. I would say you are starting to become aware that there are real magiacal and mystical forces in this world, perhaps a gift will develop but it is all in infancy, to explore this I would definity suggest try learning and deveoping your esp. Extra sensery perception. That sounds like it might be your strongeest ability. If you have wind control get a bowl of water on the table and charge the energy into your hand to create waves, that is the best way to check if you have that ability 100 per cent, may take some practise though! If you do make waves with your mind or hand however you do it then you may have telekinisis which means you might be able to move objects without touching them. How ever if you try all of these and no signs of anything show, then perhaps your not fully emotionally deveoped to handle any more of what your spiritual gifts will allow you to. Your gifts come from God and are triggered on emotions usually or in circumstances were it would be known to be a miricle when things happen, unexplained power, that is all from God too. Try theem tasks if not just get on with things and when you discover any sign of something getting stronger it may be time to tune your psychic abilities. I do think that training with your mum with the esp is your best option before doing it with others. Never know you may never need to use the phone again if you have it!

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