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Foreboding Feelings, Confirmed By My Fellow Sensitives


My abilities fall under the lines of emotional channeling and dream walking/interpretation. I have many other things that happen but don't really know what they are. More often than usual, I see things, though it's never straight on. The image is ALWAYS right at the very corner of my eye and gone a second later, I don't act on this much at all.

I'm learning I can also see auras, but its very, very weak. Another thing is my constantly being pushed, poked, flicked, ect. But it's all playful. I just pass it off as a ghost, sometimes whispering to them, but they never reply.

Another ability I'm not quite sure of is the things I hear. It's always one simple word or short phrase and its always extremely random. The sound isn't quite audible to the point that I hear it aloud, but its definitely not in my head either.

My problem is, I've been having very foreboding thoughts, feelings and emotions lately for no apparent reason. I can vaguely describe it as "a hole." I feel like something is missing, but I can't quite put a finger on it.

I'm always willing to talk about anything. Just hit me up for a nice good conversation. All advice is welcome.


P.S. Any other teens out there just want to talk?

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Wyfi (4 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-21)
My abilities are astral projection, aerokinesis and electrokinesis. I am still working on my electrokinesis. I learned that the key to doing it is not to focus, but to let all thoughts go and let it come naturally!
SensitiveMike21 (2 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-21)
K theses post's are just awesome I finally feel like I've found the right place to talk to people I as well feel like there is a purpose why I'm on this earth I really believe it is to help everyone be one and express love not hate. I feel like I am some sort of peace mediator I can very powerfully feel emmotions of others and am very good at resolving conflict as well I am super analytical before I even mention one word I make sure to understand the complete situation as well I'm able to astral travel I haven't tried in a bit but accomplished it before I kind of lost touch with my true purpose on this earth but we're all protectors of natural beauty it's our job to maintain this heaven we've all been given for when it's gone what do we have left I believe one day we will all leave our physical beings to enter a spiritual dimension where there is no more material possesions and focuses strictly on mental growth I believe everything that is considered matter today is the figment of some very powerful persons imagination it would only take one being with a very pure thoughts to create some sort of mental map which is why our "universe" is so unimaginally vast. I believe this because as you can see we all make mental maps while we sleep I've been able to create my own dreams where I had total control of what I was doing and what would happen I could even tell myself that this was my imagination... Please some posts would be awesome
Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-22)
Amber, the image you see out of the corner of your eye is seeing through peripheral vision when it is not straightforward. The aura reveals a lot about the state of mind, body and soul a person is in. If you practice relaxing your eyes, you can see the aura emanating from your body and many other things. This exercise takes a little practice, but you can succeed with patience. By standing in front of the mirror with a soft light behind you. Let your eyes relax so you can see your own. My intuition tells me you are a sensitive emotional empath who is noticing the surrounding energies of other people spirits and your own all bundled up like mixed feelings. You give a description of a 'hole' and feel like your missing something. What is missing here are 'your own feelings' which can be quite confusing. It is ok to feel outside energies but you also need too learn how to release those energies that are not your own. Here is my advice learn to properly ground and shield which will curtail the sharing of others energy's.
Peace and Light
WanderingWayne (4 stories) (107 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-21)
Hi Ambrea

When I was reading your story and got to the part about you feeling like there is "a hole" it reminded me of that empty feeling that I have had most of my life. Like something is missing and I don't know what or where to look for it, but I'm driven to look anyway. I think it is a lack of understanding of what it is I am supposed to do while I'm here on earth this time, or something similar. A kind of wanting to know more about the true nature of reality and not knowing where to look also. I took a course in transendental meditation and meditating helps. I didn't realize until lately that that feeling is not as strong as has been in the past. I guess all the reading about psychics, guides, atral projection and that kind of thing helps fill the hole in me.

I recently read a book called Seeing and Reading the Human Aura by Judith Collins. It tells how to increase the ability to see auras more clearly with eye exercises and has a lot of information on what different layers there are and what different colors mean. Lots of different colors. When the hole gets so big, I start looking for books and read. It helps. I think the more I believe in the supernatural the less of a hole is in me also.

I am thinking that when I am reading or finding information that the hole is filling up. When I'm not, it start to bother me again and I may put it off for awhile, but I have to go back and search for things that fill it for a time again. I have never thought of it quite like this before reading your story, but it make sense I think. Finding information and finding the way to believe in it and tie it into a more complete picture. Life is a cool mystery, and sometimes a frustration one. Bye Wayne
Carlos112994 (1 stories) (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-20)
Wow That sound's a lot like me.
I used to only hear these voices when going to sleep but it has gotten stronger so now I can hear it during the day even if I am not relaxed at all. I understand the random thing though. Often I will get a spirit yell a word or phrase at me that I feel is just their way of saying " Hey, Stop Ignoring me! Or Hey I'm right here!
". Every since this development where I can hear them while awake, I have began to start blaring extremely loud music into my ears about 24/7 (Unless I'm in school). Like Just yesterday I was in Math and I heard some Sprits talking beside me. Later on that day I went to the restroom. Out of my pocket my Cell phone went off and started saying " Calling Bruce" over and over again. I pulled it out and the noise stopped but the weird thing was is that my phone was on silent and I don't have a friend named Bruce. Also when I am Testing it seems Sprits rather enjoy getting my attention which is rather annoying.

I also can see Auras but I have to really look.

Like all the time in a long class, I will just start looking for Auras around people and I can:D...

I Have more gifts but that's a lot to type:P

I am a Teen also so if you want to chat email me at.

Magicalme2006 (at)
lalaland1209 (1 stories) (1 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-19)
can I tell you its a big weight off my shoulders to know there are other teens going through the same things I am. I just wanted to know if someone was havin the same feeling as me on this. When I'm in class and were reading I hear almost a conversation going on and it sounds like its right next to me, but its not clear enough to make out the words. Then I hear my name being called out I turn around and the conversation abruptly stops. I get kind of freaked out by this because its starting to happen more and more. 😕
Amber_M (3 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-19)
To Rilan. I agree with you when you say something is coming. Those are the percise words I always come up with when I think of the strange feelings. I believe 2012 has some truth to it, but I am as certain as can be, it will not be the end of the world.
To Liam. You discribe the voices pretty much idenically to the way I presive them. And yes, I hear them in my most relaxed states. IE watching tv, reading/writing, playing music and especially right before sleep. Though I do hear them at other times throughout the day, but its never as clear, loud and not as often.
Rilan (1 stories) (103 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-19)
The feeling of foreboding might be because we all live in a time right before something that will tear apart the world. I don't know if it will be 2012, but I know something is coming. So many others I have heard about feel the same way.

I only hear voices at night. That state between sleep and wake that allows you to hear the voices is called by scientists the "hypnogogic state." It makes you extra sensitive. If you have it in the daytime, or something like it, good for you.

I have had so many visions in that state that I think mean something. The other day, I saw people, very distinct faces that my brain couldn't possibly make up. Either it was a psychic thing, or I had seen them before. I sensed they were conspiring. I saw a teenage girl with an expression of pure horror on her face. I saw an important looking grownup chained in some kind of prison. I saw a street with fire along the sides and a blonde teenage girl running and holding a torch really high. I saw a burning city. I heard the word "Detroit, Michigan" in my head at some point. The thing is, I didn't even know at the time that Detroit was in Michigan... Excuse my ignorance... But I asked someone and confirmed that it was.

Oh yeah... And I saw Hilary Clinton. When I saw her, I didn't recognize her, but a few days later I was trying to check my email and accidently clicked on a news article and there was a picture of her. I was about to click the back button, when I saw the picture and recognized her from the vision. I read the caption under the picture and found out who it was. Oh yeah... And when I woke up from my trance-like state, I had that feeling of foreboding. I was on a plane actaully, asleep, and I looked really panicky when I woke up. I think people were staring at me.
Liam (3 stories) (13 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-19)
Hey what you have described is much like myself as well. I can see auras quite clear though, and some days I use that to judge how much activity may happen on that day.

If you don't mind I might ask you a couple of questions just to compare notes. When you hear there voices that arnt in your head and they are very strong... Is it like... Its hard for me to explain as well. I personally get these flashes of a voice, and I'm not sure what they said at first but I have an idea after it has happen. It also doesn't sound like your own voice. Does it feel like it hits you from a different side of your head each time as if its where the spirit is standing. I'm developing this at the moment trying to make it stronger. It happens most... Some times only when I meditate. I have my eyes closed so I can see all the energy within me flying around, and then when I'm in the trance these weird sounds and words just hit me from out side.

For example I thought I heard the word Pam today and I asked if that was right but from the middle of my skull it felt like light hit me right down the middle of my eyes, and I could feel it was a no.

Does it also happen most when your half asleep? It does for me. With emotions, I don't have any tips for you because it comes and goes for me. If I concentrate it will work for living people... However for spirits its a different story.

When you say you see things in the corner of your eye, so do I most of the time, solid things, however I also see energy flying all over the place so I can see pockets of air some times moving around or behind people. This is when I can feel the spirits emotion or if I can feel them around me. But iv never seen a full ghost though, that's what I'm hoping to do, so I can help people with closure.

It was most exciting to read your form and I'm sorry I spoke so much but I feel we are very similar. Like you I too have a few more gifts. I hope you e-mail me because it would be awesome to talk about this further.

Im also a teenager by the way so it might be an adolescent thing...

My e-mail should be on my profile

Eqs (3 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-18)
You sound very much like me. I have had the same feelings and experiences, and I'm also a teen. I know exactly what you mean about hearing vague phrases, and imagery. My ability to see auras is consistent but very limited most of the time.

I have had the same feeling of that "hole" for a long time. It used to depress me, and so I had a lot of anger. Now that I've discovered a more loving lifestyle, it still feel like there is something missing, but it excites me now. It feels like something to strive towards understanding, instead of something hanging over my head.

If you're interested in talking, my email is equisage92[at]
Joceline123G (3 stories) (10 posts)
12 years ago (2010-02-18)
Hi, thank you for your advise. I would really love to have a talk with you through internet or e-mail. You seem very interesting. I think we would be great friends since we both have similar experiences. Here is my e-mail if you ever want to chat. Jocelinegaleana71 [at]
Thank You, again.

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