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Demons - Split Personality


I'm back. I found this site in the middle of my discovery of who I am. I haven't been on in years but I need help. My life has done a 360 since '10 when I rediscovered my abilities after I denounced them in '08. I had a stronghold on spiritual faith, understanding, inner-peace and direction. Now that I am back where I started, faith, abilities etc, I have been given a new challenge. My friend (recently deemed ex by me) is going through his change.

His most dominant ability is clairaudience. He hears the spirit world very well. I've been teaching him to see auras and feel the energy of the world to better his understanding of where he is coming from and where he is going. We all know that crucial moment when we realize the things that have happened to us our whole lives are actually real and we're not crazy - that's where he is. But maybe a little passed that, he's not in shock, or skeptical, he's excited and what's most, he's ready to delve in withOUT me holding his hand.

But he created a demon in him and has been carrying it for close to his whole 19 years of life and though we managed to rid him of it months ago, he is still tainted with darkness. Though he tries to fight it and now that I told him we need a break, both of us have a lot of soul searching and self building to do. A new demon has found him, as well as another non-hostile alter-ego has taken form.

I still love him and I still intend to help him in his entering the spirit world. I know that our relationship has clouded his ability to fully see. He struggles greatly with seeing anything good beyond us, he doesn't have friends, hobbies or dreams beyond being a father (which I'm not saying is a bad dream, just puts a lot of stress on me as his 18 year girlfriend whose dream is to travel). So I won't go back to him yet. I have my own ideas on what to do to help with the demons and the soul searching. But I would like opinions as to whether or not this is a battle he must do alone (I know it is, but considering the demon, it can be dangerous shutting him away).

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CelestialJaden (39 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-27)
Ultimately I don't think helping to rid him of the demon is good, don't get me wrong, getting rid of it IS good, but it's something he has to learn to fight on his own, otherwise he'll never reach his full potential due to thinking he'll never be strong enough to overcome bad things in his life. I advise encouragement at most.
jaydonc (37 posts)
11 years ago (2013-01-25)
You are improving your skills and helping people to find their solutions with your psychic powers, this is very good thing for you and for the others.


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