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Confused On What It Means


I'm new to the site but I have read a few stories and have had similar things happen to me since I was young. I used to think as a kid that it wasn't real. That it is what crazy people say. I would always have extremely vivid dreams asleep awake, hasn't changed much from then to now. I have always been able to feel when and who was going to call not always right on who but when. I have always been able to see things that wasn't there not always an object I guess but more as an energy floating around rapidly little dots. Have always since I was a child felt someone else was with me. I have only recently been able to distinguish, myself to someone else. I am not really sure what it means.

A few months back I had a motor cycle accident and as soon as the whole thing started to happen I saw myself leave the bike see what was going to happen how to stop it and what to do before I knew what was happening I felt myself being help off the road and set softly on the grass 50 feet from where the bike went over. I walked away with a minor 3rd degree burn on my ankle.

I thought for awhile it was luck but I am almost positive it wasn't just luck. I have noticed that I am seeing things clearly without seeing them. I was raised with no one to talk to about anything and recently realized what I did when I was a child and can seem to look back on almost everything that happened and almost relive them again. I have always been sensitive to other people I feel how they feel. Sometimes I can turn it off some times it is so overwhelming it scares me. I have an extremely strong feeling not sure where it came from. But it is that I have been on this planet for a very very long time, I have had problems with racing thoughts and visions hearing sounds since I was a kid. My parents did the add things didn't just drugged me up to be normal. I have always been able to absorb others energies no matter how tired of full of energy I can be I still seem to draw more. I have tried to seek help before in the past but only got forced to leave in a panic. Several times I was screamed at for no known reason. I just took it that I was not ready to know at that time. But I feel I need to know now. There is a reason I have the things happen to me that do and I want to know why. I have had times recently where I hear my girlfriend talking without her being in the same room answer her and she is snow white and won't talk to me. When she does she just say's I didn't what you answered to I thought about it. She was singing a song in her head and I finished the verse she was on. I always seem to influence others without meaning to.

I have never really gotten along with people of my age always people 20+ years older than me. I'm not sure what I'm asking for help on or with really. I don't have much of an idea what's going on. I have read different things and just end up confused on what it all means when I try to turn what I read into what's going on. Because so many things mean so many different things and I just am plain lost. This site so far has placed me into what I would guess to be the right direction. I have had other things happen I could go on and on and on but I am not sure. If those things were really happening or if it was due to an over active imagination. I have always been open minded but at the same time somethings ways tells me to not fall for anything and that was just fear. I am ready for help and willing to accept any that is given.

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WhoamI (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2010-02-25)
Its not always spirits I feel always around me some kind of huge energy but almost as if I'm the energy because when I focus on it I'm able to control it sort of. I can always feel myself drawing energy from everything around me a vibration just rattles inside me non stop and rages out once whatever is around me causeing it to grow stronger but weaker at the same time
tigg3rxox (guest)
10 years ago (2010-02-21)
Hello,Im new to the site too!I've been experiencing the same things. I would feel a presence when I'm alone, see blotches of energy in different colors (Im guessing spirits), and at night I would feel like something is out of place because I would randomly wake up.
I think you are an empath. You can see into the future basically. And then I think you also might be able to have astral projection? Its when you can leave your body in a sleeping state. Its really hard to explain.Well,I hope that gives you at least a tiny bit of help:)
From your experiences it sounds like you have above-average abilities. These were just the few I can recognize.

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