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Weird Experience Again


I have had quite a few experiences in regards to spirits and OBE.

However I did not pay much mind to them. However, the last few months have been a little strange and I am not sure if my "senses" are awakening again.

Lately, I have been shooting up out of a dead sleep almost every night at about 5am. Give or take a few minutes, with the feeling someone or something is watching me. Along with seeing things and shadows, which I try to convince myself it was out of the corner of my eye or just headlights of a car and so on... I feel very uneasy being alone in my home, and its not just this home, its every home I have lived in. I heard people talking in the basement in a foreign language and thankfully my brother was visiting. I was so scared I though people had broken into the house so I texted my brother to come to the living room, and we grabbed knifes and went into the basement only to find nothing. I heard these 2 men clear as day talking to each other. In another language. In the basement and nothing! (still can't get over that one)

I don't feel deathly afraid or anything. But the other weird thing that happened, a few days after having my OBE and coming out of it crying (after I arrive back in my body. I don't travel far. Because they scare the crap out of me).

At 3 am exactly, my fire alarm in the hall outside of my bedroom went off. My fire alarms are hardwired through my home, but only the one went off. (my friend who was on the lower lever sleeping hardly heard it. And came running upstairs and removed it from the ceiling. I asked him how he didn't hear it and he said the one upstairs was the only one that went off.

He then plugged the wires back in and went down stairs.

Exactly 13 minutes later, the lone alarm went off again. So he ended up just taking the whole unit down.

I don't understand why just one would go off. They are brand new and the fire department put them in and tested them.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

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lauramk80 (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-06-18)
Hi Joni,

I can't control when I have my OBEs, but I have had bad experiences. Maybe because I am scared it attracts certain kinds of enteties. I will try to experience one without fear the next time it does happen... If I can 😉
I have been working on meditating and connecting with my spirit guide recently, so, hopefully, this can help me with all of me experiences and help me understand them more.
Thanks for your reply!
Joni437 (guest)
10 years ago (2013-06-17)
Hi Laura,

There could always be someone there, not welcome, like the joe across the street, but from a spiritual standpoint I can recall when my mom was pregnant and heard 2 female voices talking to each other, as the voices moved across the room while she was taking afternoon nap... She heard one voice say to the other 'she is going to name the baby after me' then whatever the other female voice said I don't recall, but later my mom recognized the voices, one was her deceased mother, the other her sister-a deceased aunt. So yes, she did name the baby after her, one of my sisters.

Back to you, the fact that you can't hear what they are saying and its in a foreign language is really neat, try to figure out what language it is, study the language, you may have a important message.

Try not to be in fear of anything, it is just simply a different way of someone wanting to communicate with you.

I had a OBE too many years ago, and yes it scared me too, but the more research I have done is to say that it is meant to freak us out to see if we will reach beyond that point to find what it is we are looking for. I heard this from Anne Moss who travels in OBE to get answers for many things... This is how she describes it, that we have get beyond that uncomfortable zone of hearing those low lying voices, screams if they are there and go with it... Look her up on the net.

Peace to you and your OBE's and your journey,

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