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Scary Sighting


Today I am going to narrate a true incident that happened with my friend 1 year before. We live in the same village and we use to gather daily at the evening to hang up. One day we were discussing about the existence of ghost or spirits. We were divided in 2 groups and arguing on the topic.

I was not ready to believe on such things when my friend told me one incident that happened with him.

On the end of our village there is a almost 3km long deserted pothole ridden road connecting our village to NH34. People use this road on the day time but at night they try to avoid it mainly because many unnatural incidents take place there. Many villagers got murdered and looted crossing this road at night. An woman was once raped and brutally murdered in a bush beside the road. There is also a bedi (on which an idol of god is worshiped) of kali (a goddess of destruction in hinduism).

One day at about midnight my friend and his companion was coming from another village by this road. They were not afraid at all because they had crossed the road several times but not at night. When they were about to cross that bedi, they saw the back of a woman standing at the middle of the road wearing white saree with red border and her hands were full of bangles. She had long black hair. Her pallu was also so long that most of it was on the road. She was surrounded by 4-5 foxes and the foxes were refraining them from going ahead. On the whole it was a terrible sight. They stopped right there without making any noise and started to watch what happen next. All of a sudden the foxes disappeared and the woman started to proceed to a nearby pond. On reaching there she started to walk into the water and emerged.

They were so frightened that they could not make a single move. From that night they never use this road at night.

Some says that it was none other than kali ma herself. Some says it was a negative spirit. I was also confused to here this incident and could not make any comment there.

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