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Help Or Tips On Anxiety And Psychic Ability For A Beginner


I was hoping you may possibly be able to help point me in the right direction or advise me please? I am completely new to this and I have barely any depth of knowledge on the topic so any advice or a push in the right direction will be greatly appreciated! Any book suggestions or posts etc too! I saw a medium for the first time last year, he mentioned how he could tell I'm a very empathetic person and how he thinks I'd be good at mediumship and so on. I didn't focus too much on it but I am still curious about it a few months on. I do have issues with anxiety, panic type feelings in my chest and/or stomach, a feeling of something bad etc for seemingly no reason that I can figure out anyway! I also have issues sleeping often, a love for animals and have always been described as "over-sensitive" wear my heart on my sleeve type of person. In the past I have been through my fair share of problems with people, as a result I like to spend time alone or at home these days. I'm only 26 years old but really do hope to get to the bottom of this, I've seen doctors for years for mental health since I was around age 15 - I've been told I have depression, anxiety, bipolar, ptsd and so on. 

I was wondering if you'd mind maybe pointing me towards a website or book maybe where I can get some further information? What would you advise I do next? The medium I saw last year wanted me to buy their book then pay to attend a course but in all honesty I can't afford that. So any advise you have will be eagerly received and appreciated:) thanks for your time! 

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AmandaLinette (guest)
9 years ago (2014-02-15)

There's a wonderful book list of opening up your abilities here and tons of articles on intuitive abilities to assist you in opening your gifts:).


Intuitive Development:
JadenIsHere (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-18)
thsodpp [at]
I know what you're talking about. I believe that you are sensitive to the energies of others, and draw them towards you. If you want, email me and I'll tell you how to gain more control over energy, how to raise it, feel it, move it, see it etc. There are many benefits to this besides making you and others feel much better. You can be in control of your emotional energies. And people won't be able to resist being around you. It's also not something that you will be able to doubt or dismiss as imagination. Once you start, you'll know for certainty that everything I'm saying is possible. And you'll get results very quickly.
Nefie (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-11-01)
I signed up for this website, mostly to reply to this message.
I too, can be described just like you. I'm 28, and have secluded myself. I've had the same life experiences, and i'm learning to shield myself and keep negative energies away. Problem is, "We" are our own worse enemies...there's more negative out there, than positive, and ENERGY, is what makes the world go round. Energy never dies, and everything is made of, and created from... Some form and strength of it. One of the things people have yet to figure out how to completely control, are emotions. You can pill out all you want! But the more energy, electronics, waves of whatnot through the air, the more damage humans cause. Yep, the "Other Side" could be released, and then we're all screwed... Depending on what you know. I believe, you are an indigo. An "Out of power" indigo, that means... You've been medicated, mistreated, misdirected, and unsure of yourself... Maybe not all of those, but more than likely.;) Start listening to your surroundings, the inactive parts. The more you feel, the more you'll hear, and when I say'll be inside you. That voice in your head. The cleaner your body, the healthier..., the stronger your talents will be. Your body is your machine, the worlds vessel, and if you want your machine to work well and right, then DUH. Keep it oiled, greased, all hooked together correctly and fine tune the B**ch. Cause if you don't, well then its all pointless. Meditation DOES work. It works, because you channel your energies. Your chakras. The biggest causes of your anxiety, is the inability to control or close your hyper sensitivity. And all that is simply cause you don't know what's going on! Believing is a prominent part too, if you believe, then you're mind is open, but you should only believe the things your hyper sensitive self tells you. Your body, and being, not your brain. That space inbetween your eyes that rests on your brow.
There's more, there's more... And, oh, I could go on and on, but its 3:43 am, and bed time was, well it needed to be a bit ago so I can wake up before 1pm and get my sunlight, but I have trouble with the night as well!

Are you... A Gemini, CANCER, or leo?
Do you have green, or Hazel... (some sort of green somehow) ...EYES?

Do people with ailments, or issues seem to flock to you?

Do you also have problems with being touched? Orrr seeming to pick up ailments or symptoms from people when you touch or are around them too much?

After you turned 23, did your life start changing? Like, making different choices/decisions... Much like "growing up" but seeing and feeling the world differently?

Soo many questions, and I'd love to have a friend who understands that, that I don't have to pay for! You shouldn't have to PAY to help someone, I don't care who you are! RUDE.;)

P.s. I once was told that " The world changes at 3am"...was some grungy guy who was probably a bum, and it was years ago. But its true.

Man, I gotta go... Its 4:00, so I kept going 15 minutes after I said I gotta go.
PHEW! G'night! And until someone replies, I probably won't stumble back for a year or so.

P.s.s. Dear Site Admins! "don't use TXT talk like 'cuz'" Well, i'm from the Nashville, TN, " CUZ" is in our dictionary. And unfortunately, I write just like I speak. I'm sooorrrryyyy. Must be my southern impediment.
hernam (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-13)
I was diagnosed bp 6 years ago I was on meds for years as soon as I got off of them I started having spirits come through. I know it has nothing to do with the bp because I am able to verify the info, but I can't very well go tell my pdoc I can talk to spirits. I will keep meditating as that is what I keeping reading to do.
natural_day_dreamer (3 stories) (49 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-08)
I could bet you big on that youre anxiety etc issues are vastly based around your sensitivity. I have had similar issues for many years. And though every one is different, I have seen this in many other sensitives. Lots of meditation, excersize, stress releaving things, will be good for you. Eat healthy, sleep enough, strengthen your body before your mind, then work with your mind slooowly.
Thimiz (1 stories) (24 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-05)
StephanieR (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-04)
Hi there! While I can't answer your question, I just wanted to let you know that you described me perfectly! I am just your age, and have many of the things you described in your post. I have been through many many MANY drs, and have been diagnosed with practically everything you have. I'm kind of lost on the subject too, that's why I'm here. So even though I can't really help, I just want you to know that you are not alone! Keep your head high and never give up! 😁
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-03)
You can find great books in 'Media'.
Go to the top of this website and click on Media.
You will find books and many other things.

You can always surround yourself with the ' White light of the Holy spirit ' to be safe.
You can also surround yourself with a shield to help with your sensitivity.
Calm your mind and visualize a bubble surrounding you and blocking out whatever it is that you don't want.
I hope this helps.

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