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Third Eye Scared Shut


I have had visions of the future during my meditations, and they came true. I once had a vision where I focused on something someone told me was going to happen to me. It was my father actually, he gave me dates and told me that my family was going to do something horrible to me. So, in preparation, I got ahold of some binaural beats, I focused on the dates he gave me and I traveled to those dates. I saw people I never met, and things that were going to happen. I did this several times before those dates arrived. When they did it all came true, the people I saw were there, things people said in my meditations, said them in real life, the same exact things happened, in the same exact order on the same exact days. This is when I realized, I am different. That there is more to me that the empathic part, or the healing part, there is also a psychic part. In one of my meditations a woman said she had "rabbit schizophrenia" This is something I had never heard of before or even knew existed. After my meditation I looked it up. It's real. I think it was at that point that I realized that I should pay closer attention to these meditations. Things people said, came true, things that happened in my meditation came true. This gave me the strength to get through the difficult thing my dad told me was going to happen to me. Had I not done the meditations, had I not focused and took note, I would of been a basket case. But because I ALREADY KNEW what was going to happen next. I was calm as a cucumber. Problem now, I think because so much of it came true, I have subconsciously scared my third eye shut. It I can't get it to open. No matter what I do. When I meditate on opening it, it looks like an eye squeezed shut tight. I can't open it, I have tried everything. Yes I am wiccan, I am a healing witch. I do no harm to anyone and I don't cast spells that would go against free will. Mostly just protection spells of my home and my children. That was a path I fell into which is a different story for another day. My issue is, how do I get this third eye to open so I can see again. I saw so many wondrous things beautiful things. BUT then when this happened and everything I saw came true, I think it scared it shut, and I can't figure out how to release it. Someone told me that If its closed, and the visions have stopped then maybe its because I am safe now. I can't accept that. I need to know and the only way to know is to ask an elder who understands this more than I do. I was always taught that this type of thing wasn't real to begin with. Well I have learned, I was taught wrong. I am different, I am empathic, as is my oldest daughter, though she has somehow learned to turn hers off. Which I think is dangerous. And apparently I have some psychic ability too. Now I need to figure out how to control it and what that really means. I have a spirit board I use with a pendulum, I am the only one who can work it, I built it myself, and it works, but only for me. I can feel peoples pain, funerals are horrible for me. My grandmother used to take me to them to "toughen me up". It did not work. Once I shook the hand of an old man who had lost his wife of over forty years, and nearly fell over from the grief. We had to leave, as I was embarrassed of my reaction to the death of someone I did not know. I can tell if a child is being mistreated or abused. I can feel their pain. And I can even tell if an animal is trying to tell me they are sick, its something in their eyes, I can read it. Like I said I was taught all of this was hogwash, but my parents were left brainers with closed minds and they were dead wrong. My dad, I think he knew things. He may have a touch of it himself. But my mother, grandmother especially, are non believers. If you can't see it, touch, taste, smell, feel, then for them its not there. As for me, there are just things I know. My husband says he doesn't even bother to try to lie to me anymore, because he always gets caught. Its a feeling I get in my gut. I am a finder too, I find things, usually things I don't like like p0rn. I have found things in some pretty crazy places, and it was like I was led to it. Once my husband took a tiny pill and hid it in our room and told me to go find it. Took me less than 5 minutes. I just never paid attention before. Well it has my attention now, and I want to know more, learn all I can and be able to control it. Right now I feel like I have been shut out of my own life. I don't remember my dreams, and now my meditations are taking me no where. Binaural beats or not. That eye is stuck. I have got to figure out how to unstick it. It saved my life once. I want to be sure, I am safe. Without those visions, I am at a loss. Please help.

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Jimmiejam (9 posts)
10 years ago (2013-09-02)
It may be that you've overused your abilities to your own extent, and as a result they need to recharge.

Although you probably know this what with being a white witch, it's worth saying anyway. Try charging yourself with the energies around you, or whichever source you get the most energy from.

Or you could always ask someone in real life like your daughter, because since they have abilities they may be able to help you in person, and see what the problem is, or unlock it with their energies.

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