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Dream Portal With The Book Of Knowledge


I had this dream I think might interest people. I am not looking for interpretation. This dream scene happen after a different dream. I just start from a point in the dream which will describe this scene the best.

Here goes:

A friend / partner of mine and myself find ourselves in a underground chamber. In the middle of the chamber there is something that looks like a portal.

The portal looks like a source of blue light that is held in mid air. Between 4-8 columns (I don't remember the numbers exactly).

The portal looks like this:

But not curvy with kind of a ceiling to it.

Now, when me and my friends arrived near this portal, someone, or something in my head, told me that in order to open this portal I need to say a specific "spell". When I asked that voice what kind of "spell", the voice told me that I need a special book called "The Book of Knowledge". When I asked it where I can find this book, the voice told me that it's in me. And it explained that in order to reach it, all I need to do is to calm down, meditate, relax, and concentrate, and this book will appear to me; through me.

So I did as the voice told me, and I was surprised to see the book (open book) just float in front of my vision.

Now the interesting thing was that it wasn't a real book, but more something that I could see only through my eyes.

While the book was kind of raising up to my vision I start realizing (in the dream and in waking afterwards) that the knowledge we all seek is already withing us all, and all is needed is just to relax, to calm down ourselves, and with the moment we all will be able to see any knowledge we ever seek.

Now the thing is that when I wrote this dream in my journal few months ago, I wasn't really thinking about it much, I have bunch of SiFi-Fantasy dreams.

But lately I start moving dreams I wrote in my journal into digital form, and I start noticing new things.

I searched for something that is related more or less to this idea, and the first book that I found was:

Book of knowledge: psychic facts (1911) by Dr. Nellie Beighle

You can read and download it for free from:

The second one I was actually found through someone who posted about it here on psychic-experiences at:


And the third book I found was

The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch

Anyone else know of any other book that might resemble something with this title?

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SpiriFall (9 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-22)
YEAH MAN, Totally found this book a long time ago 😲 like 4 or 5 years ago called "The Book of Knowledge" by an anonymous author and had a feeling someone needed it - I didn't know who - but it is really called THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE and is all about awakening your self, and it's a lot of psychic information I've faintly heard but not in this much detail and about the author which could do amazing things (godly things). I'm searching the site I've found it on, and someone deleted it recently and uploaded another one, but you have to pay for it unless you know how to get scribd books free (watch a youtube video on it). I'm trying to re-upload it now, never-mind it's uploaded - bada-bing! Https:// < - there's the link. That should do it. If you have any problems with viewing the file contact me, because I don't know if it works I've never really used google play before haha 😊
capuccino0328 (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-16)
I also remembered before... I don't know if its astral or lucid dreaming...
capuccino0328 (4 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-15)
😁 interesting... I hope I can see that too... Well before, when my third vision is still open, I always dream things... Mysterious things but I'm aware that it is always just a dream... And I enjoy it... I think I am time traveling...
DreamAdventurer (1 stories) (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-14)
Hi Joni
What do you mean by computer light?
No the book was floating while I was still in the dream
joni437 (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-14)
Hi dream adventurer,
I would definitely recommend reading the Book of Enoch, I read upon it part ways some time ago, it was helpful. The blue light you saw, portal, others have saw it, some see it just suspended in mid air while they are simply just clicking away on the computer, etc... That one I read the girl I think posted on this site and was in another country, I think. Anyways, very interesting.

When you say the book floated in front your vision, were you awake?
Joni 😊

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