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Past Experiences And Probable Issues With A Possible Portal


I'm not exactly spiritual or religious, but I've had my own fair share of experiences with things like Déjà Vu, seeing shadow people, seeing shadow people during sleep paralysis, hearing voices when waking up or in sleep paralysis, and probably more stuff I just don't recall.

Some of the more "frequent" and powerful experiences I've had occurred in my parents' home - I'm in college now in Florida, but the majority of my actual experiences occurred in my own house, and it's almost like the activity outside my own house is just almost nonexistent, besides the déjà vu and some occasional instances of seeing shadow people. I don't claim to be psychic but I know I may be clairvoyant to a degree; my family doesn't have a history of clairvoyance that I know of, but I cannot be certain due to there being a certain lack of information on my dad's end dealing with our family history tracing back to Japan. (I am half Japanese.)

Anyway, something I am slightly concerned about is due to my brother being a probable fool and messing with things he should not have been in our house. I know he has told me he did -something- to bring a lot of spirits into the house, which is also around the same time I began to experience sleep paralysis frequently and saw shadow people and began hearing things to a greater deal than before. He's fairly delusional half the time I do deal with him and I suspect he did something and that he hasn't rectified the situation he created yet. Every time I end up back home for breaks from school or something I get various experiences with seeing shadow people or otherwise. He claims he "closed the portal" he made, but he also has what I suspect to be a belief that he can force the things he brought in to do things via his own sheer force of will. He even told me he ran into a demon, which I think is highly unlikely since I doubt you could just "dominate" one like he thinks he can. To boot, his own behavior has become erratic following this supposed event, and I'm concerned myself he may have invited something in that has begun to affect him for the worse. Even my parents think his behavior was very different from how he used to act.

My bedroom there does have a mirror in it, which I think might exacerbate the issue, since it is a portal itself from what I've researched. However I have had the mirror there for a while before this incident he detailed to me and activity has picked up only after the fact it would seem. I can't exactly go around doing cleansing rituals on the house itself (My parents would not understand I think.) and I'm pretty certain that there's still activity there though I haven't been able to be around it for long enough to properly know for recent times. I've seen shadow people throughout the house, from the basement to my room in the upstairs area; my brother also claims to have seen weirder stuff like a reaper in the hallway once and some sort of general or something he saw. Most I suspect were him seeing spirits, though the reaper doesn't make a lot of sense to me since it didn't correlate to anything I know of with a death in the family or something like that. I've heard voices as well, but they were far too fast or sometimes just a strange ear-shattering whine type pitch. (I seriously mean ear shattering. It was basically ear-bleedingly bad sound.)

At any rate, I want to make sure my brother didn't do something really stupid, and if he did something really stupid, I need to figure out what will put a stop to it. If he brought something nasty in, specifically. My best guess is he made a portal somewhere and didn't close it; furthermore he probably tried an incorrect method and may have made the situation worse off.

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joni437 (27 posts)
10 years ago (2014-08-14)
Hi 017, just today I am reading your post and coming across quite abit of people mentioning portals... If this is still a thought in your home, you must know one phrase to hold dear to you as though you engraved it over your entire essence "in perfect love, there is no fear". First, try this... Empty your thoughts, all negativity, be alone, take a sea salt or Epsom salt bath, no outside noise, cleanse your body saying aloud that all negativity is washed from you being sent down the drain and replaced with positive, loving energies of joy. Listen to a utube video with meditation love frequencies... Listen awhile to it preferably with a headset if other noises are around you, then inhale and exhale a few times thinking how you are only sending light & love to the situation, that it too came from some where but that you are sincere with it... When the talks of any of the occurrences come about, simply speak only how you love your brother and our world, and that it is a perfect love at all times where you truly understand that love takes the reigns and heals all things... The lesser of the energies you will notice will simply begin to cease to exist... Bring more love into your life & your home. In love, with love, through love it is granted. Love you, joni ❤
calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2012-09-17)
[at] 017 While western people are good with their technology development. I'm Indonesian and good with supernatural thingy hahaha. We're quite the opposite.

You can see Jinn in 2 ways. Either you have the gift to see them (with enhanced physical eyes or through realm with third eye) or they have the ability to let you see them.

When you get sleep paralysis usually it's them who gets naughty at first. If you have seen at least a person with a bright white light aura around their body. This kind of person is what the Jinn called "protected human" and they can't mess up with any human surrounded by this specific type of aura. A bright white light almost like the light of a lamp.

Not only this aura is so bright for the Jinn, it is also very hot for them that they couldn't even get near you. A...a... Not even got the balls to show themselves to you. They will get burn eventually. Humans are immune to this because we and the aura are at different realm and human does not have the nervous system to understand what does not belong from human world unless you have some of the 6th senses, it's the entire replication of your physical senses but at subtle level. You can't touch them. You can only feel them and use them.

I'll teach you how to get rid of these Jinns. Crystals, fetish, mirror, other weird thingy won't work. Jinn are invisible and does not belong in human realm but we live side by side even though the realm is different. By the point of view of human, you have to fight what is unseen with what is unseen. The weapon will be invisible in our world but feared in their world.

Anyway I'm not teaching you to start a war against Jinn. Not a good idea. Some of their race are much more intelligent than human because they are invisible to normal human, have the ability to possess human who are not protected, can cause ill that cannot be explain by medical doctor, can haunt human by manifesting themselves and a lot more. The point is their race was made by God to have the ability to test human's faith. Don't get me wrong, you still may be friends with them. I have several friendly Jinns in my house. Some of them are permanent residents and some of them I brought them into my house. They all respect of what I am because they know how to identify a human who is close with God or not. The human who are close with God, their aura is hot and from their face appear a bright light. This is what the Jinn replied to me.

But 😁 there is only one solution to be immune to magic. Seriously. The magic I meant is real magic and not parlor trick. Magic does exist and they belong to God, Jinn, Angel and the chosen human.

Telekinesis is one type of magic but it's only the level for a beginner. LOL I'm not kidding. Advanced magic are many such as standing on water, paper; long distance punch; pyrokinesis (what I mean is not moving flames, but actual ability to create fire-like heat from your palm out of nothing and cause real physical damage); make a peace ocean to rage; etc. Too many. God made this world sooo beautiful but normal human can't access it so some humans disorientate God: (

I'll cut to the case. Say "la ilaha illa Allah" and go to YouTube on how to pronounce it. You may use that or "hallelujah" both will arise bright white light from your aura. I prefer "la ilaha illa Allah" because the word is more meaningful.

La ilaha illa Allah = There is no deity except Allah
Hallelujah = Praise to God

I'm not sure what will happen to your other vision when you chant that words. If your ability to see Jinn was from Jinn then as soon as you say those lines. Your ability will vanish because the Jinn who's been staying in your body can't stand the heat and leaves your body. Or if your other vision is directly from God, then it will stay in you forever. You may choose to deactivate them or keep them active.

If you would like to contact me again, you may email me at calvinvalerian [at] I'll be glad helping people who are still afraid with a Jinn lol.
017 (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-16)
I'm sure I'll be fine for the most part, my brother is the one I'm worried about moreso. I do some spirit keeping on the side since it has helped me a bit and I like the idea of having "backup" if you will, but my brother doesn't have that sort of thing going for him.

As far as seeing entities before the incident goes, I may or may not, issue being that I don't entirely understand the difference between "normal sight" and sight using the third eye. Some people seem to say it's more of a visualization thing and other times I get contrasting information.

I've had more than a few experiences with sleep paralysis and shadow people while I wasn't incapacitated by being paralyzed, which occured earlier than this event, but I also picked up spirit keeping a bit after my what I think was my brother's screw up event. (I don't know when he did his summoning or whatever it was in specifics yet) The main thing I've noticed was that I regularly had visitations from shadowy beings - a few of which didn't like being looked directly at. I can recall one was sitting in the corner of my room as I awoke to being paralyzed. Normally before this (a while before this, more than a few years give or take.) when I had sleep paralysis, there was never anything in the room with me when it happened. More noticeably I was somehow able to look at it directly, though it actually would warp away once I did look at it directly then. Normally if I see shadow people it's only in the edge of my vision, sort of something I would spot and not immediately notice. Another time one actually was grabbing my wrist when I woke up to sleep paralysis.

I know my brother probably brought something in with him for a time because I'm pretty sure I "saw" a rather freakishly unnatural looking humanoid entity once via what I assume was my third eye while we were talking late at night once. I'm sure it wasn't something I imagined cause I didn't actively come up with a description, I simply noticed the ugly sucker standing there and garnered a description. Haven't seen it since, but it definitely was freaky looking - had a ridiculously long and open mouth that pretty much dropped to the floor and what looked like clammy gollum-esque skin. Never noted any intent from it, may have just been watching like some sort of creeper.
calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2012-09-14)
[at] ally_26 Hahahahaha I'm not forcing you not use crystals. I just give conclusion for crystals because even when I asked the Jinn "Can a stone or crystal have power?" they said "No, unless God gave a power to the object because none from this world have power unless God give them".

Like what happened in my house. My dad's friend who's able to see through realm using his third eye saw my house is shielded by a huge diamond barrier. My friend, you actually don't have to rely on objects because you have your God. Object can do nothing, even if it can God was the one give the power into it. Just say the word "Allah" and your face will shine a bright white light. Well mannered Jinn will respect you and naughty Jinn will flee from you. I've really tested this on the field and they really run away and screamed for help.

It's far more better to request everything straight from our maker. Yes God can't be seen in the physical world but God does exist without a place. If you were gifted and able to see some of the other realm, you might have a chance to see uncountable stationary spotlight all around the sky and patrolling the earth. From the east to west, from north to south. The spotlights are everywhere. And I couldn't see them when I see the sky like how normal human would see a sky.
ally_26 (2 stories) (50 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-14)

Please don't underestimate the power of crystals. I went through a healing session when they were being used and believe me I felt its effects.

Angels use crystals for several reasons the most common of them being for physical healing. Many of our Archangels wear crystals that have significant metaphysical attributes. Archangel Ária for example always carries crystal wands made of lapis lazuli, labradorite and azurite for healings she conducts all over the Universe.

Believe me crystals are strong I've felt the energy they carry.
Okay 017 crystals are pure but they can absorb negative energy. So here is a website that gives you tips on how to cleanse crystals.

I agree with calvinvalerian on the human's tongue. What we say can be very powerful and 017 what I meant by low energies were demons which you do not want to associate with! So be careful.
calvinvalerian (guest)
11 years ago (2012-09-14)
Wow why everyone thought there is low or high energies? They are the Jinn that you usually call ghost. They can be bad or naughty or well mannered. Just like a human. Not entirely similar like human because they don't have physical body like us. They can manifest themselves as anything they want. Object, person, animal, fantasy creature, you name it.

If you can see the Jinn then I'm 100% sure you won't ever call them low or high energies anymore because you will know that the "jinn" who disturbs human will be called bullies and the "jinn" who are not disturbing will be called well mannered. Same thing like in human realm. Just replace the quoted word "jinn" to "human".

And also any type crystals or fetish they are actually doesn't have any power. The most ultimate power come from human's tongue. Just say your God's name "Allah" and a bright white light will arise from your aura. Any spirits nearby will flee they can't stand the heat that the aura blaze.

If you want to protect your house just ask God to barrier the house with the strongest shield in occult realm. If anyone with third eye can see the shield, they will see a huge barrier made from diamond and as soon as they go back to their normal sight the barrier will vanish and you will only see the house.

[at] 017 Are you born with the gift of seeing entities? If no then the one who gives you that sight is the Jinn who are staying in human body as their host or master. If your gift was from your maker (Allah/God). Then your sight will not going to do any harm to you one day because they are passive and will work at your command.
017 (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-13)
That's good, I have some quartz crystals I can use if nothing else. Just need to figure out exactly what he did, and where, later. He's been pretty slim on the details so I'm going to have to ask him where he did it.
ally_26 (2 stories) (50 posts)
11 years ago (2012-09-12)
Portals can definitely be open by rituals, or reciting something or even through ouija boards and those tend to let out low energies.

A lot of mirrors are portals and they even can trap negative energies within them.

What I usually do to sense portals is rub my hands together to create friction. Then I lay my hand where I think there is one and if I feel tingling, then I know its one. I heard if you put crystals around the portal it will be like a silhouette, protecting and blocking the house from more negative energies coming in then before.

My family closed the portals in our house by hiring a person that worked with energies. When you do close the portals its always good to get yourself cleansed after it, so you can be free of any attachments that could of occured. Hope this helps 😊

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