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What Does It Mean To Access Your Higher Consciousness


Provided you have achieved a level of quietness in your mind, which basically means you have slowed your mind from thoughts, conversations and memories from invading your mind constantly. Basically what we are doing is reliving and rethinking every negative experience, when we should be letting them go from our thoughts and storing them in a part of our brain where it does not affect us anymore.

When we have achieved this goal, our mind is free to think of thoughts, ideas and dreams that are positive and useful in our lives. The thoughts entering our mind will assist us in running a relatively smooth, productive and positive life. The everyday assistance will come in the way of our thoughts reminding us what is more important now and what is not. It also brings to light what actions can be harmful and dangerous to us and others. Assistance also comes in the way of better dealing with stressful situations. We are more inclined to think before we act and in doing so, we are less likely to hurt anyone physically or mentally.

The best way to achieve this is by meditating. Meditation is a conscious process of self-regulation that controls the flow of thoughts, emotions, and automatic behaviors in the body and mind. Meditating clears and cleanses the mind from every day clutter. As we get older, we hoard thoughts and memories created throughout our lives. This clouds our mind and negative thoughts and memories can weigh us down causing our mind and our body to slow down making us weak and vulnerable.

Meditating is gradually being recognized and introduced to professionals all around the world. Medical professionals are encouraging patients to meditate to recover from surgery a lot faster. Results have been noticed in the studies of patients having surgery who meditated experienced less operative bleeding than patients given placebos.

Best part of meditating is that you can do it any position you most feel comfortable.

Have a go, all you have to do is just think of nothing except for your breathing for approximately 5 minutes.

Love and Light


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