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I am a 51 yo woman who is an active member of a Paranormal Investigation group. Recently I during an investigation I suddenly found myself with a head full of knowledge about a person connected with the site we were investigating. I didn't see pictures, and it is very difficult to describe how it felt. The only way I can describe it is just a sudden "knowing" - rather like a story unfolding in my head. This happened to me once before but I shrugged it off as simply a great imagination! Now I am not so sure, especially since I found out our team psychic sensed a similar spirit in the room, at a different time. I had no prior knowledge of this. I came up with names, a description of the main person, a crime he had committed and that he was very nasty. I felt a poking in my side and sensed he was trying to punch me because I was standing up to him so to speak. I felt overwhelming anger toward him and the things he had done when alive.

I have always been a skeptic, and although I have always had a love of all things paranormal, and am part of a team I have never considered myself sensitive or even intuitive. I certainly don't want to claim I have an ability if it is nothing more than imagination or wishful thinking and its not like I can turn it on and off. Like I said, it has happened now only twice in my entire life.

I would welcome others opinions. How does one clarify if this is a medium experience? How do you know that what you are feeling, thinking, seeing, experiencing is of a psychic nature or is it just acceptance? I suppose this is my Paranormal Investigator side coming out - always looking for the explanation! Thank you

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brightpup2 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-10-09)
i am a 5th generation medium. I actually have shiedlig against ghosts and paranormal activity and offenseive medium powers that can actually cause ghost harm. I can actually be a great service to you guys.
brightpup2 (guest)
11 years ago (2012-10-09)
here is what happened to me, I do need you to investage that for me --->One morning an hour before I was suppose to get up I went in the bathroom and it was still dark but on the mirror was backward glowing handprints and glowing simarian words written backwards and streaks of glowing blood. THis showed up for 3 straight nights but I couldn't see it during the day. THen a week past and I had forgoten it. THen on another morning an hour before I was suppose to get up it was still dark. I went into the bathroom and I had remembered reading a story on here about mirror summoning. THen I had said angel I summon thee. URiel come to me. THen in the reflection I saw a dark myst with purple lighting swirling toward the mirror when the swirling got close enough the center glowed red and time stopped and the longer I would watch the closer it got and each night it took more concentration to keep it from getting out. The longer I stayed there the mirror started to glow white. And the other side started to look like an apocoylipic type silent hill surroundings. THis has been going on for weeks. The first few times I dared him to come out of the mirror but when I asked it to get the sword of uriel it wasn't as violent. WHy is this happeneing to me. It is staring to take more and more of my medium powers to hold it back. I do need help. PLease when I am sleeping in the morining what keeps on drawing me to the mirror is a starange feeling I have control over what is there and totall confidence in my medium powers. A strage force is takeng me to that mirro can you help me please.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-10-08)
I'm not sure how far down the "paranormal road" you have gone but how does a remote viewer see a blind target? How is it commonly reported people know who is on the phone before it rings, have dreams that come true, etc? It is postulated, and I concur, that we are all intertwined. If we open up our mind, we can connect to just about anything and anyone. The only separation is truly an illusion.

Now that you yourself have had an experience that shows that you can tap into another psyche, maybe you'll open your mind even further still and distance yourself from the skeptic label and keep exploring this fascinating field and beyond that.

We are all psychic to some degree or another. We vary because we are born into different belief systems, abilities and cultural implications. The word 'psychic' has such a hoodoo voodoo sound to it but it's simply our sixth sense and everyone has it. It's only mysterious because we've successfully shut it down due to religious control.

Thanks for sharing.

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