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How Are Third Eyes Opened?


Finally I found a website about psychic abilities.

I would like to share this weird experiences that I'm experiencing since I was a kid. Sorry if my English is not that well, it is not my mother tongue.

When I was a kid I had this encounter with a "ghost" as I call it, it was the very first time I saw one, I was too terrified before that I went to the corner of the room and I shut my eyes. I then fainted. When I woke up, I had this terrible headache. Several days later I started seeing "unseen" beings around. They look normal but people around doesn't seem to notice them. As I reach high school, I started hearing and smelling weird things. The first one is when I was eating in the cafeteria, the sound that I heard was similar with the sound that is in our ear when the surrounding is extremely quiet (without the sound of the crickets of course). It is even louder that it masked the voices of other students around that area. Then I heard a loud bang which is similar to a gunshot followed by a short commotion, the air started to smell like burning gunpowder. I thought it was in the campus but when I looked around, it seems like that the other students didn't heard it. When I was in college I became curious about that sound that I heard so I made a research. I found out that the cafeteria wasn't a part of the high school back then. The building was a bar that went bankrupt. Based on my research, a drunk was infuriated when a fellow customer spilled his booze. He drew out his gun and fired at the other customer. The friends of the customer who got shot started to attack and disarmed the drunk man. He ran out of the bar but he didn't noticed the incoming motorcycle. He got hit and died. There other similar experiences like that but I didn't researched on them anymore.

My friends say that my third eye might be open that's why I can sense what they cannot.

Besides here are also some weird things that I felt

1. The top of my head always feels heavy, becomes heavier when I'm sensing some beings

2. Every time that I close my eyes even when blinking, I usually see white dots and small squares. Usually moving like a ripple, sometimes like a wave moving upwards, sometimes totally scattered like a clear night sky.

3. There are also times that images suddenly appear when I close my eyes. The images that appear are totally random and I don't know what they are or who they are. Except for one, I saw an image of a car and van collision in an intersection. Which is actually happening at the same and I had no idea about it until I saw the picture taken by my friend.

4. When I'm totally mad or angry, my friends around me say that they feel goosebumps even though I kept on showing a poker face. That's why they can easily tell that I'm mad based on that.

My questions are: based on those that I mentioned above, is my third eye open? How are third eyes opened by the way? Aside from being born with an open one. Can it be closed?

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martha (5 stories) (89 posts)
11 years ago (2012-10-09)
yes, I have felt the same dizziness or off balanced as if I need to pass out, especially when I enter a ''hospital'' just visiting someone. I don't like entering hospitals because of the uneasy feeling of heavily sudated even... It starts from head too.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
11 years ago (2012-10-08)
Your third eye probably is open if you're getting imagery when you close your eyes. The gunshot sound though is generally, but not always not your third eye (it's more associated with sight not sound but during remote viewing it can be both). It just implies you've got a sensitivity to the energy around you (in this case, the past). This is just an overall open system.

The white dots and squares are often the lower astral.

The feeling on the top of your head is your crown chakra which can receive higher realm information. It may also be what's helping you see through the veil.

We are all born with open chakras (there are seven major ones). They slowly start to close down though when society starts to tell us what we see is not real and to stop making things up. Age itself does too. After about 7-8 years old, we generally have to work at it if we want to open it back up. There are exceptions of course, hence your day-to-day psychics. That can be done with visualization, crystals (amethyst in particular), practicing remote viewing, being careful what we eat and drink and keeping an overall positive energy system.


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